Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Shopping Round-Up! 4/27/10 edition

I grabbed some more 68 cent milk! With the way my family goes through milk, I couldn't pass up that price! I was really excited for the 100 calorie cheese packets. I thought it would be a great snack for my 1 year old and for me to take to work. I have to be honest... they're gross. I'm so sad, I really wanted them to be good. They taste like Velveeta cheese instead of Kraft block cheese. I guess that makes sense because the front of the package says "pasteurized cheese product". Kraft, if you are reading this, please make cheese cubes with REAL cheese! And if you could make it zero calories too, that would be fantastic.

1.00 Fig Newtons (2)
-1.00/1 any Fig Newton IPQ (2) - print here

Have you seen the CVS sunblock deal discussed on the coupon blogs out there? The deal is - buy 2 CVS sunblock items, receive $5 EB. The exciting news is the 2 oz. bottles of sunblock is included, so you buy 2 at 1.99 each, paying 3.98 and receiving 5.00 EB = 1.01 profit! I looked for the 2 oz. bottles of sunblock, but my CVS only had 1. I'll check at another CVS and report back.

1.39 eggs
2.50 Yoplait Delight .50 overage
1.49 Kraft 100 calorie cheese packs wyb 5 Kraft products (4) .49 each
.49 Kraft cream cheese wyb 5 Kraft products .51 overage
1.68 milk (2) .68 each
.44 3 Musketeers candy bar (filler)
14.14 subtotal
-.50/1 Yoplait Delight MQ 3/21 SS
-1.00/1 Yoplait Delight Cellfire EQ (2) - load here
-1.00/1 Kraft 100 cal IPQ (4) - print here
-.50/1 Kraft cream cheese MQ 4/18 SS
-.55/1 any Real CA dairy product IPQ (2)- print here
4.14 paid with $4 in OYNOs and .14 cash

I am working furiously on the new grocery deals starting tomorrow! There are lots of great Cinco de Mayo sales and several freebies! I will post my favorite deals ASAP!


  1. I saw your comment on the cheese bites (now I have not tried them) but if you are truly looking for a fat free cheese, Whole Foods has a brand called Lifetime Cheese. I have a friend who has a very restricted diet and loves cheese but can not have fat. For fat free cheese it is actually pretty good. The best part is that it melts well, think for pizza. Now because this is at whole foods, it will never make an appearance in a coupon type blog. But I wanted to let you know it was out there!!!


  2. Beth- Thanks for the comment! I have only been in Whole Foods a couple of times, but next time I'm there, I will definitely pick up some REAL cheese! Thanks so much!


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