Thursday, April 29, 2010

Albie's, Fry's, & CVS = 3.12 cost!

Sorry for the crappy picture... it looked better on my camera. Now that I have it on the computer, I can see the awful glare and how distant everything is. Sorry, I am not pulling everything back out to take a better picture!
1.00 Marcal paper towels (3)
-1.00/1 MQ 4/25 SS (3)

1.13 Marcal toilet paper (3)
-2.00/1 MQ 4/25 SS (3) - adjusted to 1.13

1.00 Nestle Flipz (13)
-.50/1 MQ 3/28 SS (13)

1.00 Tabasco sauce (5)
-.50/1 4/25 SS MQ (3) all doubled
-.50/1 IPQ (2) - print here - all doubled

.39 Kraft Explosion Macaroni & Cheese (6) with in-ad Q
-.55/2 Kraft tearpad MQ (3)
.11 overage each

1.00 cantaloupe
1.24 bananas (.49/lb.)

1.54 subtotal + .42 tax = 1.96 paid OOP

I wasn't sure if the $2.00 Marcal Qs would give me overage on the 1.13 packs, so I added the bananas & cantaloupe just in case. The 2.00 Qs beeped and they were adjusted down, so no overage there, but that's ok. This was a great Albie's run and I will definitely be heading back for more money making Kraft Mac & Cheese!

1.00 Smart Taste Ronzoni (2)
-.20/1 Smart Taste Ronzoni tearpad MQs (2) Thanks Eve!

7.99 DiGiorno Pizza & Breadsticks (5)
-Free DiGiorno Pizza & Breadsticks (up to $8) MQ (5) from House Party - click here

0 subtotal + 1.16 tax = 1.16 total paid on giftcard

I had a ton of DiGiorno House Party MQs expiring 4/30, so I wanted to use those up. We had a Suns playoff pizza party with some friends so the free DiGiorno was perfect!

I was able to print two more of these 1.00/1 Fig Newton IPQs, so I grabbed two more free boxes. No tax, so no OOP!

Quick note - I aways make a point of chatting it up with the store managers at my usual stores. In regards to store managers, I have found you'll attract more bees with honey. :) Today, as I ran in to grab my free Fig Newtons at CVS, the manager pulled me aside. Just as I was thinking, "Oh great. What now?", he handed me a 2010 Entertainment Book. He said the store had purchased it and used a couple of the coupons, but didn't need it anymore. He said he wanted their best shopper to have it because he knew I would put it to good use. How awesome is that? The best part is - there are 4 5.00/50.00 Safeway coupons in it! That totally made my day!

I've been avoiding Wags all week, because it hurts my head to think about all the Register Rewards and I HATE paying tax on the pre-coupon total! Unless there are major moneymakers, for me, it isn't worth all the trouble. I really want to stock upon Skintimate shave gel & Kotex U tampons (both free and/or profitable after coupons & RR), but I really don't want to jump back on the Wags RR carousel! We'll see what's left on the Wags' shelves tomorrow... I always get sucked back in!


  1. Great run! You are lucky that your Albies gave store wont let me use a coupon and adjust down :( And she said no to the in-ad for mac'n'cheese. I wish I could get overage...maybe I just need to switch up my store.

    You are right about Wags, gives me a headache too!! I had a bad experience a few months ago and have never went back. But since I found the tearpad today for the Scotch tape I will go tomorrow ..maybe to a different Wags. The only one that never gives me a prob is Ahwatukee Foothills but I dont want to drive out there! :)

    Good job today!!

  2. you have a nice blog and article...pls visit me back... ...TQ

  3. My sister went to Target last night and found the $3.00 Barbie doll on clearence for $1.50. She is wearing a pink dress. It would make for a good gift!!!!

  4. How do you get 13 coupons for Flipz?! I only get two papers on the weekend. Do tell! :)

  5. SC- I was prepared to get shut down on the Kraft mac & cheese overage, but I've been twice now and gotten it both times. I hope next time you go, you have a nicer cashier!

    Anon- Thanks for the Target clearance tip! I need to visit my old friend, Target. I haven't been in a while. Great find for your sister!

    Kristin- I always get 5 sets of inserts each week from Ebay. Then, I supplement that with the La Voz hispanic newspapers. They are free and are released each Friday with a condensed version of last week's coupons. Lucky for me, last week's edition had Flipz and I grabbed 8 La Voz newspapers - so I had 13 FLipz MQs total. Thanks for the comment & thanks for visiting!

  6. I missed the La Voz last week :( wish I would have remembered to pick those up sooner.
    Looks like you had a great run!!! I need to get my things together and get to the stores today.... that is... if I can get my things together. ;) Thanks girl!!!

  7. Where can I get the La Voz?

    I can't seem to find any tear pads! So frustrating. I did get the a lot of things free this week. I went and bought ten coupon for flips,mentos, Tabasco and yogart. Great stuff for charity!

  8. Where do you get the LaVos? just at the super market?

  9. Had a great run at Safeway, Frys, CVS & Albies last night!!! (I have been short on time lately so I tried to condense it all into one trip).
    ALSO ran into another AZSavings reader at Albies!!! It's so fun to meet other couponers especially when we read the same blog! How cool is that?! Thanks for the deals sweetie!

  10. thanks for posting the pretzels deal. i would've missed it! got mine today!


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