Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mail Call Monday ... on a Thursday!

I had such a great mail day yesterday, I HAD to tell you about it!

1. Another free Cosmo magazine from my free yearly subscription - love this magazine!

2. A free sample of Pretzel M&M's from Facebook promotion last week. Husband and I ate these while we watched Siobhan get kicked off American Idol. The M&M's were yummy ... and as long as Lee and Casey are still on American Idol, I am happy! Sorry Siobhan, I'll miss your screaming notes and crazy outfits. :)

3. A sheet of Scott products MQs redeemable at Family Dollar.

4. My Food City & Sprouts ads which included... A FREE RED PLUM INSERT!!! I love getting free coupons in the mail! Yesterday, I got a P&G insert, today a Red Plum insert. Maybe tomorrow, the postman will just put cash in my mailbox.


  1. I recieved the Red Plum as well, I thought it was a mistake. hm. =]

  2. How can I get these coupon papers to be mailed to me? thanks

  3. Anon 1- I usually get a copy of the RP in the Tuesday grocery ads, so no mistake!

    Anon 2 - I didn't request they be mailed to me, the RP just comes with the grocery ads I get each Tuesday in the mail. I'm not sure if you CAN request them to be mailed to you. Thanks for the comment - Let me know if you have any other questions!


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