Monday, April 26, 2010

Safeway - .68 gallons of milk!

Cheap milk? I'm in!
Although Safeway's advertised milk price this week is 1.88, Val Vista & Southern has their Lucerne milk for 1.68 per gallon through Tuesday, 4/27! An amazing price on its own, but pair it up with this .55/1 any Real California Dairy product IPQ and get your milk for 68 cents a gallon! Before you get to the register, make sure to check with your store's management to verify you can use this Q on the milk. We have discussed these Real CA coupons at length on this blog, but long story, short - the Q says the milk has to have the CA seal, the milk doesn't have it, but the label says it was produced in CA. So YMMV, but for 68 cents a gallon, I would definitely ask.

Here's my run from tonight... I had to split the milks up into 2 transactions because its a limit of 2. In the interest of time & space, I combined them here. And the Suns are up by 10 in the play offs, so I have to go cheer them on! :) I am a self-admitted fair weather fan. When the home team is doing well, I am onboard. But don't ask me any of the players names or stats, I have no idea. :)

.99 Hamburger Helper (3), BC potatoes (wyb 4) .31 overage each
1.68 milk (3) .68 each
2.50 Ball Park hot dogs .75
.98 bananas (.49/lb.)
12.48 subtotal
-.75/3 Hamburger Helper MQ 3/7 SS
-.75/3 Hamburger Helper EQs (4) - load here and here
-.40/1 BC potatoes EQs (3) - load here and here
-.55/1 any Real CA dairy product IPQ (3) - print here
-.75/1 Ball Park Angus hot dogs IPQ - print here
-.75/1 Ball Park Angus EQ - load here
2.53 paid with $2 Windex OYNO, .53 cash

Grab your grapes, bananas, & milk before the end of the sale on Tuesday - I've looked through the ads and all those prices are going up starting Wednesday!

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  1. Appreciate the heads up on the milk, banana's & grapes! Not to mention a few more great deals. I'm hoping I can squeeze in one more trip to safeway b4 this sale ends :)


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