Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Shopping Round-Up! 4/20/10 edition

If you've been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you know I procrastinate the grocery deals until the last minute on Tuesday & then run around from store to store like a crazy person! Today was no different. I will post a picture when I get home, but wanted to outline the deals I just did so you can duplicate them if you want to. Click here for a full recap of My Favorite Deals this week!

I had tons of duplicate EQs saved up, so I headed to Safeway to cash them in...

3.50 Pupperoni dog treats (2)
-1.00/1 IPQ (2) - print here
-2.00/2 (2) & 1.00/2 (2) EQs - load here
1.00 overage

2.19 Betty Crocker Warm Delight
-.50/1 MQ 3/28 SS
-1.00/1 Cellfire EQ (2) - load here
-.50/1 Shortcuts EQ - load here
1.31 overage

2.50 Nabisco 100 cal Oreo Cakesters (2)
-BOGO Oreo Cakesters MQ received in mail (auto'd at 3.59)
-1.00/2 Nabisco 100 cal Cellfire EQ (2) - load here
.59 overage

2.29 Healthy Choice frozen entree (2)
-1.00/2 MQ 3/28 SS
-2.00/2 (2) Shortcuts EQ - load here
.42 overage

2.79 Ben & Jerry's ice cream pint (2)
-1.00/1 B&J pint tearpad MQ (2) - found at Circle K
-2.00/2 (2) B&J Shortcuts EQ - load here
.42 overage

1.99 Lucerne cheese slices (3) with in-ad Q
-.55/1 Real California Cheese IPQ (3) - print here
.99 each

.89 Reese's (for my husband) :)

My subtotal after all coupons was .12 + .45 tax, so I paid .57 OOP. I was expecting a $1 OYNO for the Pupperoni, but it didn't print. Oh well, it was still a profitable purchase, so I'm not worried about it.

I spent some time this morning trying to put together a P&G run to cash in on the "Buy $25, get $10 OYNO" deal (details here), but I decided to not even bother with it. There have been lots of reports of OYNOs not printing and I didn't want to worry about the calculations. I felt much less stressed after I dropped the P&G items from my list, so I made the right decision. Maybe if I had planned earlier, it would have worked out better. It ends today & I didn't want to rush it and lose money.

I headed to Fry's for some free Lawry's marinade and spice blends after seeing this deal outlined here on Cents'Able Shoppin' - thanks for the info! The IPQs were already depleted when I tried to print them today, but I did have the MQs from Sunday's RP. My Fry's was out of Lawry's Spice Blends, so I got a raincheck for those. I was able to grab 4 bottles of Lawry's marinade for free after coupons - yay for summer grilling! I also had $8.00 in OYNOs expiring today, so I bought a $10 Fry's giftcard which allows me to spend my Fry's money at a later date. I paid the difference with another Fry's giftcard I have.

What last minute deals are you guys running around for today? Get last week's shopping out of the way tonight because next week's sales are amazing! I'll have My Favorite Deals posted bright and early tomorrow morning for the next sales cycle which starts tomorrow!

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