Monday, April 12, 2010


This is a weird combination!
I ran in for a quick gallon of milk and the clearance section called out to me! The Safeway at Val Vista/Southern did a major reset and, as a result, they have a huge clearance section. Yay for the couponers! I found this Clearblue pregnancy test (originally 12.99) on 50% clearance. I knew I had a 5.00/1 P&G e-saver EQ (load here) for this product and I also had a 1.00/1 MQ in my stash from the 3/7 PG insert. So, after the markdown, EQ, & MQ, I got it for .49! What a deal. You never know when you'll need one! I think it's funny the manufacturers are now including more than one test in a box. They know women take one test and then have to take another one, just to make sure. :)

I also grabbed a gallon of milk with this .55/1 Real California dairy IPQ for 88 cents. I love it when I can get milk for under a buck!


  1. only YOU could score a pregnancy test for .49! And thanks for the pizza ;0)

  2. Okay, so I finally found the clearance dairy and was excited to get some ricotta for .50 after using the lucerne coupon. But it took me FOREVER to figure out where this clearance section was :) where are all of these other clearances usually placed? Maybe every store is different, just thought I'd ask though. THANKS!!! The website's looking GREAT!!!!

  3. Thanks Dave's Wife! And thank Safeway - they gave me the pizza for free! :)

    J- My clearance dairy section is usually in its own case right in front of the milk cases. I'm sure it varies by store. Thanks for the feedback on the site - it's getting close!


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