Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lots of deals at Fry's!

Tons of great deals at Fry's today, plus I found 2 full tearpads of the .55/2 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese tearpad MQs referenced in My Favorite Weekly Deals post here! If you can find these, you'll make 22 cents off every 2 boxes of Kraft Mac n Cheese Explosion at Albie's this week!
1.00 Mentos gum (5)
-.50/1 MQ 2/21 SS, 4/25 SS

1.00 Yoplait Greek yogurt (10)
-.30/1 MQ 3/28 SS, .45/1 IPQ - print here

.88 Rosarita refried beans (3)

-.50/3 Rosarita refried beans MQ 4/25 SS
.55 each

.97 Mission corn tortillas (4)
-.75/1 any Mission product IPQ - print here
-1.50/2 any Mission products tearpad MQ
.11 each

1.50 Oroweat Dutch Country bread (3)
-.50/1 Oroweat Fry's DBacks flyer Q - details here
1.00 per loaf
*These 3 loaves had to be purchased in seperate transactions, because the Fry's DBacks flyer Qs state one per transaction. I love this bread, so I stocked up.

1.00 Lawry's spice blends (4) - raincheck price
-.50/1 MQ

My total was 5.09 paid on a Fry's giftcard.

I found some unadvertised deals at Fry's while I was shopping tonight. I'll make sure to add these to my Favorite Deals post, so you have a complete list for each store.

1.78 Fry's gallon milk

1.50 Oroweat Dutch Country bread
-.50/1 Oroweat Fry's DBacks flyer Q - details here
1.00 per loaf

1.99 Oroweat english muffins
-.50/1 Oroweat Fry's DBacks flyer Q - details here

1.00 Ronzoni Smart Taste & Healthy Harvest pasta
-1.00/1 & .75/1 IPQ - print here, here, & here

I also found one lonely 1.50/2 any Mission products MQ taped to a bag of Mission tortilla chips. I snagged that one, but couldn't find any others! I'll keep searching, but make sue you check your Fry's for the Kraft & Mission tearpads!


  1. Kim, they have those mission coupons at Safeway...not alot though, just a few, and I found them taped to the chips in the front of the store. Maybe 5-6 bags had the coupons, the rest didnt. I used mine at Albies to get chips for taco salad! :)

  2. Thx!! for the Milk price, I haven't been to Fry's since ummm.. I can't remember LOL!!

    Glad you found the Q woohoo. Free Mac & Cheese :)

    I just love the networking between our blogs, this way if one find something we all have an opportunity to get in on some Sweet Deals!! Yay!!

    Thanks again Kim :)


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