Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick stop by Safeway!

1.19 Beech Nut baby meals (5) -1.00/1 MQ 1/3 SS (5) = .19 each
.99 Hormel ham - clearanced -.55/1 blinkie DND MQ = .45
1.40 paid on giftcard

I made an error in my weekly deals. I thought the Beech Nut MQs were actually Gerber MQs that would have matched up with the $1 sale this week. I have corrected my weekly list with the accurate pricing- sorry for the confusion!

I found this Hormel deli ham on clearance for 99 cents. A good deal on its own, but it became a fantastic deal when I noticed the blinkie MQs right next to the ham! The Hormel MQ started with a 9, so no doubling, but .45 is a great price for lunch meat! This is a good reminder to always be on the lookout for surprise deals when you are out shopping the stores!


  1. How was the baby food free? Did you have EQ on your card for them?

    Awesome deal on the lunch meat!

    Thanks for the great deals!

  2. Anon- Sorry for the mistake! I meant to type in .19 each for the Beech Nut baby meals. I just edited it with the correct information. That's what I get for posting right before bedtime! :)


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