Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thrifty Tidbits - 6/29/10 edition

Are you going at midnight tonight? I will be there with all the teenage girls!
I got my free movie ticket (courtesy of an Axe promotion from Wags a few months ago) and cannot wait! I have many beefs with the Twilight movies, but I am a loyal fan of the book series and haven't missed a midnight showing yet. If my posts tomorrow are a little jarbled, you'll know why.

I am slowly emerging from my vacation brain. I felt hazy for the first few days and was not very productive in the couponing world. I just finished up "My Favorite Deals" list for the upcoming sales week, so I am back in the game! I will post that list tomorrow morning at 6am!

I've also been working on organizing my coupon mess. It is a disaster and is in no form to go to the grocery store. I'm such a procrastinator.

I've entered a few giveaways today, including this fun one from KC over at Desert Deals Diva! She is giving away an 18x24 sticky wall print - how fun. Think of all the things you could get - a family portrait, a piece of artwork from your child, a favorite phrase or saying. It ends tonight at 8pm AZ time, so hurry over so you can enter and hopefully win!

Also, since I've been back from vacation, I heard some sad news. Safeway has revised their coupon policy and now they will only accept competitor's coupons on specific items. No more Register Rewards or OYNOs from other grocery stores. Well, I can't say I'm surprised. It was fun while it lasted!

Oh, if you are planning a Fry's trip next week, make sure to grab some rainchecks for the following items. Some prices in the Daytona Mix & Match Event are going up! Here are the ones I've noticed...

Totino's Pizza Rolls .69 this week increases to .97
Coke 2 Liter .69 this week increases to .99
GM Cereals 1.99 this week increases to 2.19
Capri Sun & Kool Aid Jammers 1.47 this week increases to 1.87

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  1. We love the Twilight series, DH has already read the current books. Too funny he just ordered the first two series from Target and on the Second series where Belle tells Jasper something like I hate when you do that, I didn't know what jaspers powers was until Hubby told me LOL! in the movies the first and second they never said what jaspers powers were. You are soo lucky I want to soo bad see the New Moon movie, I'll just wait til it comes out on Blu-ray.


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