Monday, June 14, 2010

Target & 17 Flashlights!

Need a flashlight?
I headed to Target today for a few quick deals. I had an awesome cashier, but make sure you always give your manufacturer's coupons first, then the Target coupons last.

1.75 Eggo Waffles (2)
-1.00/2 blinkie MQ (found at Bashas') - This was a beeper and had to be K1'd.
-1.00/1 Eggo Target IPQ (2) - print here - You can only print one per computer
.25 each!

2.00 Clean & Clear Facial Moisturizer (2)
-2.00/1 Facebook IPQ (2) - print here - These were beepers too!

2.14 Scrubbing Bubbles Vanish Toilet Drop-Ins (4)
-BOGO IPQ (2) - print here - These were beepers and had to be K1'd.
-BOGO Target IPQ (2) - print here

6.00 Armor All Tire Protectant
3.79 Armor All Tire Foam
-2.00/1 Armor All Facebook IPQ (2) - print here
-3.00/2 Armor All Target IPQ - print here
2.79 OOP, will submit for 6.00 Armor All Tire Protectant Rebate
3.21 profit!
*Note - To fulfill the rebate requirements, your second Armor All item must be at least 3.49 in value.

3.29 subtotal + 1.36 tax = 4.65 paid on Target gift card

After rebate, this trip will be a 1.35 profit!

I printed a few more coupons tonight, so I'll head back to Target later in the week.

I also stopped by Harbor Freight Tools with a collection of Free Flashlight coupons- 17 to be exact. I asked the cashier how many I could do at once and she said as many as I wanted! No tax either! I love that! A truly zero out of pocket transaction. I found a bunch more while organizing coupons tonight, so hopefully I find that same cashier when I go back. If you want some free flashlights too, check your coupon inserts for the freebie coupons! They were in the following weeks' newspapers in a seperate ad - 2/14, 3/7, 4/18, & 5/2.


  1. Wow awesome Target trip!! And that is so cool they let you do all 17 flashlights in one transaction!!

  2. What do you mean by they were beepers? And how did you solve it?

  3. Becky- Thanks for the comment. I know, I was shocked they let me do all those in one transaction. They're good little flashlights too.

    Brian & Alia- Beepers refers to coupons that beep when scanned and tell the cashier "Item not found". The cashier can push the K1 button on their cash register to over ride the beeping, or they can start making up reasons why they can't take it. My cashier K1'd all of the beepers, because they were legitimate coupons. I just showed him I purchased the items required by the coupons and he was fine with it. Good luck and thanks for the comment!

  4. I found more flashlight coupons in the USA Weekend (I think that's what it's called). Since you might be making another trip I wanted to make sure you caught those too. So there were 2 in each newspaper. One in the regular ad and one in the magazine.

  5. Thanks, my cashier overrode them as well :) Bummer diapers are so expensive even with coupons. Otherwise I would have had a practically free target trip.


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