Friday, June 11, 2010

Thrifty Tidbits - 6/11/10 edition

Just a few random things here and there on a Friday!
I grabbed my free 3 pounds of bananas from Circle K today - did you get yours? Click here to print your coupon - it's only good for today, so get to your nearest Circle K ASAP!

Also, I've had a few people ask about Eve and her "My Southwest Savings" blog. You may have noticed her blog has disappeared from my AZ blog roll. I am sad to say, she has shut down her blog due to some major problems she was having with blogger. It was taking her HOURS to upload pictures, when it should only take seconds. We all miss her awesome blog & if you are reading this Eve- we appreciate all the hard work you put into blogging. We will miss you in the blogging world, but I'm glad to see you posting on the SD boards. :)

Did you load the Cinderella Savings Cellfire e-coupons to your Fry's card today at 3pm? Last week, their site was majorly overloaded, but eventually, they got up and running and the coupons loaded just fine. This week seems to have run much more smoothly. If you forgot, don't worry, they'll do it again next Friday 3pm. Remember, to register your card with Cellfire first & then click here to get those awesome high-value EQs!

Did you play Fry's Summer of Savings instant win game today? I did and I won a FREE Kool-Aid Fizz Drink Mix EQ! Click here to spin the wheel and see what you win! I'll have the Summer of Savings button on the right side of my blog until the instant win game ends in September.


  1. So I just got home from a couple of shopping trips and I tried to purchase 8 of the La Victoria products that were on sale $2/4 at Bashas (I went to the one on Crismon and Baseline). My coupon beeped and the cashier said they won't accept internet coupons over $3. She called the manager over who didn't even look at my coupons and said quickly that they don't accept internet coupons over $3 and "just so you know, those $4 ones are probably fraud". It made me feel like I was trying to get away with something wrong. I don't know if I should try another bashas or just give up on it?? Has anyone else had this problem?

  2. I tried to get it at 3 and never saw it. It went that fast?

  3. Please tell her to come back, we miss her!

  4. Amanda- I have used that exact same coupon at that Bashas' with no problems. I can't remember if they beeped or not, but I feel awful you were treated like a criminal- that's so lame. Did you only buy the bigger items over the size requirement on the coupon? Just trying to narrow down the cause of the beep. I wonder if it would beep at self checkout... Try that. I would just find a new cashier. If they push the issue, they can verify it's authenticity by calling Veri-Fi (their info is on the coupon). So sorry! Try again! I'll try at that Bashas too & let you know what happens.

    Anon- I wasn't one of the lucky ones to get a cinderella savins coupon, but I w as just excited to see the site didn't crash. I wonder how many they released. Thanks for the comment!

    Sb- I know! We all miss her :)

  5. Let me know if you have any luck getting the coupon to go through at Bashas... if so it is worth it for me to try again. And I double checked the coupons say size 16oz or larger and I was trying to get 3 of the 16oz salsa's and then 5 of the big 30+oz enchilada sauces.


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