Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thrifty Tidbits - 6/17/10 edition

Wow, look at these grcoery ads from the 1950's... 21 cents for Kellogg's Corn Flakes?

Well, Arizona Savings readers, I am getting ready to go on vacation! We are leaving Saturday and won't be back until late Wednesday. I'll probably do a little shopping today and tomorrow between packing and getting ready to go. What does this mean for you?

The sad news...
I will not be posting "My Favorite Deals" on Wednesday morning. I will work hard Thursday to get it up by the end of the day. Sheryl over at CentsAble Shoppin' does a great match-up, so check her blog on Wednesday for the newest sales. You can also check Pinching Your Pennies for a complete match-up.

The good news...
I have prepared lots of fun posts to keep you company until I get back...

I have created some Store Guides to help new couponers understand this complex world! I have created one for each of the 4 main grocery stores in Arizona - Albie's, Bashas', Fry's, & Safeway. Those will post over the next few days and then will be permanently linked to the top menu bar under "Store Guides".

I have also created a series called "Change the Way You Shop in One Week!" I am really excited about this and I wish someone would have laid it all out for me when I first started couponing. There will be one post per day and at the end of seven days, each newbie will have a toolbox of information and will be ready to attack the stores! Look for Day #1 on Monday, June 21!

See, you'll have plenty to keep you busy while I'm gone. You won't even miss me!
While I'm gone, I'll be hosting a fun contest. I'll be posting pictures of our vacation destination on Twitter. The first person to correctly identify my location will receive an envelope full of random coupons! Click here for my Twitter account. If you aren't already a Twitter follower, click here to get started - it is super easy!

Oh, also remember to log into your Cellfire account at 12pm (AZ time) today to get the Cinderella Cellfire coupon they are releasing! Click here at noon and then let us know if you got it and what it is!


  1. Haha 21 cents for Cornflakes is a ripoff! I get mine for free when they go on sale :)


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