Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Favorite Deals - 6/2/10 edition

Well, Albie's jumped ship and is not multiplying coupons this week! Boo Albie's! Good news, Bashas is continuing with their Quadruple Coupons event!

CHEAPEST EGGS: .88 dozen at Bashas' or 1.00 18-count at Albie's
CHEAPEST BREAD: .88 Bashas' sandwich bread at Bashas'

For complete coupon match-ups, click here to view Pinching Your Pennies.
All coupons under $1 are doubled, tripled, & quadrupled up to $1 this week!
10% senior discount Wednesday, June 2nd!
10% military discount Saturday, June 5th!

1.00 Farmer John Sausage Links
-.75/1 IPQ - print here

1.00 Puffs Tissues
-.50/1 Vocal Point MQs - no longer available

1.00 Albie's 1/2 gallon milk
1.00 Albie's 18 count large AA eggs
1.00 Albie's Chunk Cheese

These coupons are all kind of blah, except for the bolded one which makes 11 different items free! Only catch is the coupon states one per customer per transaction. So, your amount of free items depends on how many trips you want to make to Albie's this week.

-2.00 off any 2 lb.+ bagged shrimp
-2.00 off any Johnsonville Sausage
-1.00 off any Classic Cake in bakery
-1.00 off any frozen item (1.00+)

  • Free after coupon - Totino's Pizza Rolls, Quick n Easy Vegetable Stir Fry, TJ Farms Tater Crowns & Homestyle Hash Browns, Tony's Pizza, Ben & Jerry's ice cream (probably smallest containers), Haagen Daaz, Hawaii's Own Frozen Juice Concentrate, Old Orchard Frozen Juice Concentrate, El Monterey Burrito, Skinny Cow cups, plus more unadvertised in the store.
-1.00 off any cereal item (1.00+)
-1.00 off any 1.75 liter spirits
-1.00 off any 4.99/pound Albie's deli sliced lunch meat or cheese
-.50 off any 2.99/pound Albie's Fresh Deli Salad
-.50 off any shampoo, conditioner, or hair product (no minimum price)
Combine with MQ and check clearance for best chance at free hair product.

All coupons less than .25 will be quadrupled, coupons .26 to 1.00 equal 1.00!
10% senior discount Wednesday, June 2nd (with $15 purchase)!

4 for $10 Kellogg's cereal deal - Froot Loops, Rice Krispies, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Raisin Bran, & Raisin Bran Crunch are pictured.
Get the following for free when you buy 4 participating Kellogg's cereals:
Bashas' 1/2 gallon milk
Bashas' sandwich bread
Bashas' dozen eggs
Use 1.00/2 MQ from 5/2 RP to get all 7 items for 8.00 or 1.14 per item.

American Greetings in-ad Q for $2.00/2
Combine with this 1.00/3 MQ (PDF - print here)
For maximum savings, buy 6 cards and get 8.00 off. Prices vary. Start thinking about those Father's Day cards!

.99 Driscoll's strawberries
.88 Bashas' sandwich bread, 1/2 gallon Bashas' milk, or Bashas' dozen eggs
1.67/lb. Sanderson Farms boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenders
.48/lb. bananas

All coupons under $1 equal $1 again this week!

Bring your reusable bags for a 5 cent discount per bag!
10% senior discount Wednesday, June 2nd!

2.99 All Laundry Detergent (28-40 loads)
-2.00/1 MQ 5/16 RP
.99 each

1.99 Sara Lee Bread, Hot Dog, & Hamburger Buns
-.55/1 MQ 4/25 RP or .75/1 MQ 5/2 RP (if included)
.99 each
These are DND MQs, so YMMV if your cashier suppresses the double.

1.67 Kroger cheese (shredded, bar, or deli sliced)
1.68 Fry's gallon milk
1.99 red seedless grapes
.99 Cool Whip topping

All coupons under $1 equal $1 again this week!

View Safeway's coupon policies here, here, & here

2.99 Ready Pac Fresh Fruit - BOGO sale
Pay 2.99 and a 3.00/2 catalina MQ will print out.
Then, buy 2 more and another 3.00/2 coupon will print out.
Roll this coupon as many times as you like - sales price is good through Tuesday, June 8th.
2 fruit packs free!

8.99 Huggies diapers
-3.00/1 Huggies IPQ - print here

Buy 8, Save $4 Event
Tons of items included, these are some highlights.
Prices are assuming you bought 8 participating items:

.49 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
-.55/2 Explosion variety tearpad MQ (if included) CONFIRMED - THIS IS INCLUDED!

.79 Sobe
-BOGO IPQ - print here (this should auto and deduct the full 1.29)
2 for .29 or 15 cents each
1.49 Cheetos Zingers
-1.00/1 MQ 5/9 SS
1.49 Snyder Pretzels
-1.00/1 MQ 5/23 SS

1.77 Tostitos chips
-1.00/1 peelie MQ - saw these at Fry's & Safeway on 6/1
.77 each

1.49 Chex Mix
-.55/1 IPQ - print here
-.50 Cellfire EQ - load here
.01 overage
1.99 Nature Valley Nut Clusters
-.50/1 MQ 4/18 SS or 1.00/1 IPQ - print here
-1.00/1 Cellfire EQ - load here
.01 overage

1.99 NatureValley Granola Bars
-.40/1 MQ 4/18 SS 
-.40 Shortcuts EQ - load here
-.50 Cellfire EQ - load here
9 cents

1.99 Fiber One Chewy Bars 
-.50/1 MQ 5/2 SS or .40/1 IPQ - print here
-.50 Cellfire EQ - load here

1.00 Hamburger Helper or Betty Crocker Potatoes
-.75/3 MQ 4/11 SS or 5/2 SS or print here
-.75/3 Shortcuts EQ - load here
-.75/3 Cellfire EQ - load here
.50 for all 3 or 17 cents each

1.49 Cheerios (yellow box)
-.55/1 IPQ - print here or .50/1 MQ 5/9 SS
-.55/1 Shortcuts EQ - load here
.06 overage
1.78 Dairy Glen milk
3.99 BOGO blueberries
1.99 red or green seedless grapes
The Ziploc Containers deal continues through 6/15 - see details here!



  1. I'm so bummed. All your cellfire EQs aren't available to me for Safeway, only to Fry's....unless I'm doing something wrong. =(
    On a brighter note...Thanks for saving me so much money for the time I have been reading your posts!!! =)

  2. I noticed part way through last month that cellfire changed a bit for me. I used to be able to load the coupons on to both my safeway and frys card. Now if I load to one, it is no longer available for the other. So I started loading everything to Safeway because the deals seem to match better with the Safeway ad AND at Safeway more that one EQ for the same item will come off!

  3. Hi I have a really good totinos pizza rolls scenario on my blog at albie's! would you please check it out? thank you.

  4. At my Safeway, the Kraft Mac & Cheese Explosion were $1.19 after the save $4 wyb 8. Not free :(

  5. Can you give me your zip code for cellfire so I can get more loaded!!

  6. It was the same way at my safeway Diana. I was excited to use the rest of my coupons but they were, like you said, listed at $1.19 after the sale.

  7. Anon 6/2 - Are you sure you have your Safeway card registered to the Cellfire account? Send me an email ( and I'll walk you through step by step. It can be really confusing!

    Ray- How many Totino's do you have now? :)

    Beth- I have two seperate accounts for both Cellfire and Shortcuts for that very reason. I didn't want to miss out on any deals, so one account is under my home number for Safeway and the other is under my cell for Frys. That would solve your problem!

    Diana- Bummer! The Safeway at Val Vista/Southern in Mesa is definitely 49 cents after WHEN YOU BU 8 pricing. Thanks for the heads up!

    Bree- My zip is 85206. Hope that helps!

    Anon 6/7 - Thanks for confirming. Do you have any of the cheaper Safeway stores near you? I know there are a handful that are always less expensive. Good luck and thanks for the comments everyone!


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