Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thrifty Tidbits - 6/2/10 edition

Have you ever put heels on to go grocery shopping?

Here's what I've been up to the past few days:
  • CVS - I went on a clearance hunt for Huggies diapers and came up empty-handed. I raced around to 4 different CVS stores this afternoon (in the 95 degree heat) and all I found were empty shelves where the clearanced tags were still hanging. I may check a few more stores closer to my house, but at this point, I think the clearanced Huggies have set sail.
  • WAGS - My plan B was to take care of my Walgreens shopping for the week, but I left my coupons sitting on my desk at work! Great. I was able to, at least, scout out a couple of Wags and find out if they had the items I was looking for (Neutrogena bars, Hershey's Pieces, & Ecotrin). I was planning on hitting up Wags on the way home, but then I read on Frugal Suz's blog that next week, the Neutrogena bars will be 25% off. I will definitely be holding out for that discount, since the Neutrogena is a monthly deal. I may just skip Wags altogether this week.
  • BANK - I stopped by the bank today to cash my McNeill refund check.
  • FREE SAMPLES - I have signed up for every free sample I've seen listed on my favorite blogs. Hopefully, some of those samples come with free coupons too!
  • E-COUPONS - I loaded my store cards with the newest EQs released yesterday and today. Make sure you load yours up before they're gone. The EQ links are on the right side of my blog. After loading all possible coupons yesterday, there were a few new ones today, so check back often!
  • TARGET - I have a huge list for Target, but I need to print some more coupons at home before I can go. Hopefully, I'll get this out of the way tomorow.
What have you guys done to be thrifty & frugal today?

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  1. Today was probably my most un-thriftiest days ever. My daughter just had a cast put on today, so I paid a co-pay for that and then I went to Babies R' Us and spent $135 on a stroller to push my daughter in for the next 8 weeks. That was even on clearance and with a coupon! Man, that was painful to pay since I probably passed up a couple strollers at 75% off at Target the last few months. Could be worse.


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