Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Survey Day!

I checked my email this morning and found 2 different surveys available for me to take. The first was a CVS Advisor Panel survey for $15 extra bucks if I qualified for the survey! I entered my zip code, but I didn't qualify. Oh well, I still got $2 extra bucks for trying to take the survey! Yay for free CVS money! Are you part of the CVS Advisory Panel yet? Sign up here!
The second survey was from the Kroger chain of stores.
I signed up a while ago to be part of the Kroger Panel of shoppers. I can't find a link to post here so you can sign up, so I'm thinking it must have been an email invitation I received. Does anyone know if you can sign up or if you have to be invited? Either way, in exchange for the completed survey, I received $1 in my PayPal account. Yay! I will turn around and buy coupons with that free money - awesome!

And during my Albie's trip this afternoon (I'll post about that later), I received a survey request at the bottom of my receipt. If I call in and complete the survey, I will receive a free loaf of french bread or a reusable bag. Wow, I wonder if I'll get any more survey requests today!

Have you guys received either of these surveys in the past couple of days?

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