Monday, June 14, 2010

Mail Call Monday 6/14/10

If you've been seeing weird things on my blog this afternoon, I apologize! I am working on an exciting new series of posts, but they aren't quite ready yet. Stay tuned for that!

  • Forbes
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Truckin'
  • I got a packet of inserts from my sweet grandma in California! Thanks Grandma!
  • Special K Protein Bar Sample with coupons
  • Luvs Home Mailer with coupons
  • Free Nursery Water coupon - I submitted this because there was some kind of false advertising claim in a parenting magazine, so anyone who purchased Nursery Water since February 2004 can submit for this coupon. Click here for more info - thanks Sheryl!
GROCERY ADS - Looks like this is the week of cheap pasta and cereal!
    • 1.99 12 pks. 7-Up, A&W, RC Cola, Shasta
    • .99 Ragu Pasta Sauce & Barilla Pasta
    • 1.67 Kellogg's Cereal (wyb 3) - Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Corn Pops pictured
    • 1.88 Doritos
    • .88 Albie's Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns
    • .75/lb. red seedless grapes
    • .99 Dole Iceberg Salad Mix
    • 1.00 Barilla Pasta
    • 1.99 Bashas gallon milk
    • .48/lb. Dole bananas 
  • FRY'S - Continuing $1 coupon event!
    • .97 cantaloupe
    • .88/lb. green seedless grapes
    • 1.00 Sale - Tons of Items
      • Farmer John Sausage Links
      • American Beauty Pasta
      • Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta
      • Sunny D
      • Minute Maid Punch
      • Chicken of the Sea canned tuna
      • Little Debbie Snacks
    • .59 AA dozen eggs
    • 1.00 Post Cereals - Cocoa & Fruity Pebbles, Raisin Bran, Honey Bunches of Oats pictured
  • SAFEWAY - Continuing $1 coupon event!
    • .99 fresh blueberries
    • 1.49 Lucerne Shredded or Chunk Cheese
    • Buy 2, Get 2 Free Pepsi 12 pk.
    • 1.79 Triscuits & Wheat Thins
    • 1.50 Hot Pockets (with in-ad Q)
    • 7.99 Huggies & Pampers diapers (with in-ad Q)
    • 2.00 Yoplait Fiber One yogurt
    • .99 Barilla Pasta
    • .88 Duncan Hines Cake & Brownie Mix


  1. So jealous how early you get your ads!! Are Fry's and Safeway continuing to make all coupons worth at least $1??? Thanks!

  2. Hi Nicole! Yes, they both are continuing the $1 coupon event. I am so used to it, I just assumed they were. Rest assured, I just checked and it's in both ads. I will edit the post to reflect that. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the ad highlights! What's a Tuscan style cantaloupe?? I got a coupon for that in last Sunday's paper, so I'm wondering if that means free cantaloupe.

  4. Hi,
    love the mail call posts. I have a question, what is the preferred site you go to for magazines. I've heard of freebiz and rewards gold, have you gotten anything from either of these sites? one you find more reliable? thanks so much!


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