Tuesday, June 8, 2010

$10.42 profit at Wags!

I thought for some reason that this week was the 25% off Neutrogena line sale at Walgreens. Even after I got to Walgreens and saw them marked at regular price, no light bulb went off. I think this heat is getting to me! So, I'll save the rest of my coupons for next week.

2.99 Neutrogena Facial Bar (3)
-1.50/1 MQ from Safeway HBA booklet (3)
4.47 subtotal + .81  tax = 5.28 paid with Wags gift card
Earned $10 RR
4.72 profit

2.69 Neutrogena Facial Bar - Fragrance Free (3)
-1.50/1 MQ from Safeway HBA booklet (3)
3.57 subtotal + .73 tax = 4.30 paid on Wags gift card
Earned $10 RR
5.70 profit

FINAL SUMMARY: 10.42 profit!


  1. Hey Kim.. I did hte same thing on Sunday. I figured I would use a few of my $2 Ecotrin RRs and roll them into a bigger and more profitable $10 RR.. but of course that didn't work out. I noticed the soap not tagged in the store, and I double checked the ad, but I seriously thought it was this week too.. so bought some anyway. It ended up being $9.78 or something like that.. so a TINY profit. :-)

    I got your email, thanks so much for the Q! I so should have snagged some Qs today, but spaced it when I was out earlier.. and now I am pooped! Besides peter would be upset if I went out ALONE this late...

  2. Hey Kim,u may be happy to hear this...SW now takes catalinas!! :) How awesome huh? :) Great job on your run...I have not been brave enough to try Walgreens again yet...


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