Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mail Call Monday ... on a Tuesday! 6/1/10

  • FREE MAGAZINES - Surfer, Bloomberg Businessweek, & OK
  • COUPONS -Home Made Simple booklet, PG insert, & some MQs from Desert Deals Diva - thanks!
  • GROCERY ADS - Just got the ads today due to the holiday!
Since "My Favorite Deals" will be up tomorrow morning, I'll just let you know Albie's is not doubling coupons, Bashas is continuing the quadruple coupon event, and Fry's & Safeway are continuing their coupon events.
I will have "My Favorite Deals" posted tomorrow morning - stay tuned!


  1. Bummer that the Qs didn't arrive on Saturday for you! Although I do see you definitely snagged a ton of powerade anyway!!

    Hey can you check and see if there is a safeway RX transfer Q in the ad.

  2. KC- No problem on the Powerade Qs. We are stocked up for awhile. :) Did you get your Sunny D Qs yet? I hope you got them in time to use them at Albie's or maybe you got a raincheck. Darn Memorial Day messed up the mail!

    There is no Safeway transfer RX that I can see. It's been awhile since I've seen one of those. Hope that helps!

  3. how do you get the p&g coupon book by the mail?

  4. Growin- I wish I knew! Occasionally, I will get a Red Plum insert or a P&G insert with my grocery ads each Monday in my mailbox. I didn't request it, they just started showing up with the "junk mail". If I find out, I will definitely post about it here first! Thanks for the comment!


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