Saturday, October 3, 2009

I finally found some Joint Juice!

I have been searching high and low for Joint Juice to participate in the great deals everyone has been posting about at Safeway. I stopped in Safeway today to price check their refried beans against Bashas and Fry's and decided to check one more time to see if the Joint Juice shelf was empty. Every store I've checked over the past several weeks has been completely cleaned out. My store was fully stocked! I left a lot of Joint Juice so hopefully some other couponer comes across it.

1.39 Joint Juice (7)
9.73 subtotal
-B1G1 Joint Juice IPQ (3)
5.56 OOP
Earned $10 catalina
1.39 Joint Juice (7)
7.16 boneless skinless chicken
16.89 subtotal
-B1G1 Joint Juice IPQ (3)
-1/1 Safeway chicken IPQ
-10 cat from previous transaction
1.72 OOP
Earned $10 catalina
*Repeated this one more time
1.39 Joint Juice (7)
3.98 Pillsbury brownie mix B2G3F sale (5)
3.99 Precious string cheese
16.70 subtotal
-B1G1 Joint Juice IPQ (3)
-1/2 Pillsbury brownie mix MQ (2)
-1/1 Precious peelie MQ
-10 cat from previous transaction
.53 OOP
Earned $10 catalina
SUMMARY .47 profit!
I also hit up CVS this week because I was almost out of laundry detergent, so the P&G extra buck deal came at a great time!
6.00 Tide (4)
1.00 Dawn
.76 clearance Neutrogena mascara
.99 CVS nuts (2) not pictured
27.74 subtotal
-5/25 Flu Quiz CVS Q
-1/1 Tide MQ (4)
-.50/1 Dawn MQ
-2/2 CVS nuts CRT
-1/1 Neutrogena MQ - adj to .76
15.48 subtotal
Paid with $15 eb, .48 cash
Earned $10 eb
Cost $5.48 - I am ok with this because each Tide bottle ended up costing me about a dollar a piece.
And one final note, over the last couple of weeks, I have received snarky comments from a mysterious Anonymous person about the amount of things I get for free or how I clear shelves. I had a serious rant that I typed out, but I am editing this to simply say that #1 I never clear shelves... its bad coupon karma. And #2 I don't do anything illegal. From now on, I am moderating all comments so we don't have to be exposed to the negativity of others. Everyone else.... happy shopping!


  1. Bummer on the negative comments!! I love reading about your deals!!

    I am so glad the joint juice deal worked for you. Did the $5/7 Catalina also print? I noticed you used B1G1s each time instead of that Q. When I tried the deal neither the $5/7 or $10 OYNO printed... And safeway is so hit & MISS for me.. that I probably won't try it again.

    But you did great!!! I also can't believe how much joint juice you were able to find and STILL leave more for others. The store I stopped at seemed to have a very narrow space for it.

  2. Hi KC! Thanks for the positive feedback; I can't stand bitter, negative people... especially leaving comments on my blog! I love reading about your deals too! I was worried about trying the Joint Juice deal after reading about your problems. The $5/7 never printed and I did 4 transactions, so I think they probably pulled that coupon. But the $10 cat printed every time, no problem. I agree with you... Safeway is definitely not one of my favorites. But, I did see a permanent sign at my Safeway that they are quadrupling coupons until further notice. Have you seen that at your Safeway? If you decide to try it again, just make sure you have a lot of the B1G1 Qs. It added up to $4.17 deducted, so pretty close to the $5/7. Good luck if you decide to head back to Safeway!

  3. There was another comment I think I accidentally deleted! Hattie asked if I was going to use all the Therafu or if I just did the deals to make money. I was after the Register Rewards. I kept a few, gave away as much as I could, and then put them up for sale at my yard sale today. I still have a lot left, so I'll probably store them until I have another sale. Deals that generate RR like that are fantastic because now I can stock up on essentials like diapers & medicine. I also think I am going to use some of the RR to buy one of those forehead scanning thermometers. Seems like such a better method than the dinky digital one I have... it takes a full minute to get a reading which is an eternity to a one year old! Thanks for the comment Hattie!

  4. I love your blog!!! I'm in Az too and It took me forever to find an AZ coupon blog. I'm so glad I found yours. Its the best!

  5. Sorry your getting rude comments. That is exactly why I've decided not to do a blog. People are so judgmental and truly don't understand how coupons work, so they think that the stores aren't getting their money or whatever, but they need to realize that the stores are making these savings opportunities available to EVERYONE and just because we are able to make a better savings of it doesn't make it wrong... THEIR JUST JEALOUS :) hehehe. Keep up the good work girl and don't let the negative people get to you.

  6. Crockett - Thanks for the great comment! I love all my local AZ savings blogs too. It's so helpful to have people doing the same deals in the same area.

    Janae- You are so funny. I think you are absolutely right... people don't understand that the stores get reimbursed for coupons. And just because we find "secret" deals, doesn't make them wrong. If the shelf price said, buy 3 of these for free with coupons and get $8 back, I am pretty sure EVERYONE would participate.


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