Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is a new record... $84.36 profit at Wags!

Did you know you can stack Wags Qs? Neither did I. With all the different Wags coupon booklets floating around, it's not surprising that like coupons overlapped somewhere. A very helpful cashier told me about this a week ago, but I didn't try it until I saw Christine on the Crazy Coupons blog make serious money doing this exact thing! You can check her post out here... and here's the deal:

12.00 Theraflu (3)
-6.00 2/1 Wags Q #1 from Healthy Savings booklet
-6.00 2/1 Wags Q #2 from another booklet Christine found.
(You can print out both Qs from her website. That's what I did - worked like a charm.)
0 subtotal, pay .97 tax
Earn $8RR
SUMMARY - 7.03 profit!
I did this transaction 12 times (paid $11.64 in tax, earned $96 RR) and made $84.36!

I was skeptical about stacking Wags Qs, but both cashiers I had today said as long as the bar codes are different (and they are) they can take them both. No beepage either! Yay! Both stores I went to (Greenfield/Southern & Higley/Southern) had plenty in stock when I left, so don't worry Mesa, AZ couponers, there is enough for everyone!


  1. WOW! great to know...SWEET deal, thanks for the heads up!

  2. that's a beautiful sight :) LOVE IT! great job!

  3. Can you use RR as a coupon at Alby's? Do you really use that much threaflu of did you just like making the money?


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