Thursday, October 22, 2009

Walgreens - Profit $25.02

I'm pretty well stocked up on Theraflu & Triaminic. I am pretty confident I would be able to carry the state of Arizona through flu season, but Walgreens is having another MAJOR money maker this week and I couldn't help myself. I'm trying to build up enough RR to buy a forehead scanning thermometer. I have a dinky underarm thermometer that came with a first aid kit and it says everyone's temperature is 95.4. Side note - does anyone have a forehead scanning thermometer? Do you like it?

Moving along... I have realized coupon order is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT at Wags. Hand the coupons in this way to avoid beepage... RR first, manufacturer Qs, Wags in-ad Qs, Wags instant value Qs.

8.99 Almay eye makeup (2) .50 each - The shelf said 8.49, but it rang up at 8.99. I think they should have given me the lower price, but whatever.
2.49 Robitussin to Go 1.00 profit
4.99 Theraflu (3) 1.53 overage + 8 RR = 9.53 money maker!
3.49 Emergen-C Free
.39 Halloween pencil .13
2.42 tax
41.74 subtotal
-4.00 RR
-1.50 Theraflu MQ
-3.00/2 Theraflu MQ
-1.00/1 Robitussin MQ
-1.00/1 Almay MQ (2)
-.26 Wags In-Ad pencil Q
-2.00/1 x 3 Wags Theraflu Q #1 (took off $6) Healthy Savings Book
-2.00/1 x 3 Wags Theraflu Q #2 (took off $6) Healthy Savings Book
-8.99 B1G1F Wags Almay Q from October Q book
.57 subtotal + 2.42 tax = $2.99 paid OOP
Earned $14.00 RR
SUMMARY $7.01 profit

Same as above, but without the Robitussin (they didn't have anymore) or the Emergen C (didn't need the filler). I added in tuna and chocolate pumpkins as fillers to cover the overage.
.40 subtotal +1.93 tax = 2.33 paid OOP
Earned 8 RR
SUMMARY $5.67 profit

Same as #2, but did Triaminic instead of Theraflu
.40 subtotal +1.93 tax = 2.33 paid OOP Earned 8 RR SUMMARY $5.67 profit
4.99 Triaminic (3) 1.53 overage
.55 Bumble Bee tuna (3) fillers to cover overage
.12 subtotal after Triaminic Qs + 1.21 tax = 1.33 paid OOP
SUMMARY $6.67 profit

TOTAL SUMMARY = $25.02 profit!

I have also come to terms with the fact that my OOP is never going to be as low as others because in AZ, we get taxed BEFORE Qs. Lots of other (lucky) states get taxed AFTER Qs, so their OOP is pennies. Oh well, we get some pretty great deals here in Arizona, so I won't complain.


  1. Great job. I need to check my stores again to see if they have the healthy savings books. I never found them and the printed copies don't work for me. I will keep my fingers crossed!! What an awesome money maker!!

  2. We've had a forehead scan (or arterial) thermometer for awhile. They use these in most ped ER's now.

    Technique is HUGE part and you will get slightly different temps (up to whole degree) just from action of running it over the forehead (friction).

    Make sure you swipe right above skin, across top of forehead and then down to mid-ear (where funny cartilidge point is, forgot name). I do it four times to get a general average.

    You have to practice but it give the temp very quickly and you don't have to add degrees like you do for underarm, mouth, etc.

    Have you seen the "liquid crystal" thermometers? Thin band held on forehead and changes color depending on temp. I use on infant/toddler because they don't fuss over it. If it indicates anything over 102 degrees, I pull out the scanner. It's a nice, easy inbetween and cheap.

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  4. When I talked to my Ped about the themometers they mentioned that they don't work the best. The ones they use do, but they pay hundreds of dollars for theirs. I just thought I would share that with you. I can't give a real opinion since I never bought one.

  5. KC- Are the printed Qs not scanning or will the cashier not accept them? Mine all scanned, but I know they can be manually entered as well. I hope you are able to jump in on this deal before the end of the week!

    Evers Family - Thanks for the feedback on the forehead thermometers! The main reason I want one is because my pediatrician uses one and it seems so easy and quick. I agree though that technique is everything!

    Keval- Thanks for the comment! Great website for emergency situations!

  6. Crockett- I wondered if the ones at Walgreens (about $50) were comparable to the ones at the doctor's offices. Hmmm... I'll have to take that into consideration. Thanks for the comment!

  7. We got a forehead thermometers fro my MIL for Christmas 2 years ago and LOVE it. She is a nurse so I bet she got a good deal. I could ask her if she got a discount and get one for you if you wanted one! Ours is easy too and haven't had any problems.



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