Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fry's Mega Event - Profit of $22.45

This mega event is very mega compared to the recent "mega-events". I have been to Fry's 3 times today already! My overage was so extreme on my first transaction, I had to add a $20 Fry's giftcard to keep my total from going negative! I got to Fry's at 7am this morning, hoping the shelves wouldn't already be cleared, and there were no other couponers out yet! Maybe it was the frigid temperatures, but I was shocked. When I went back a few hours later, there were still lots of money maker items left on the shelf! People! Grab your coupon binders and get to your nearest Fry's! To make this deal even sweeter, Fry's is accepting competitor's coupons this week! I didn't realize this until my last transaction, darn it! I used a Fresh & Easy $3/30 Q.

Here's what I got:
15 cans Dole mandarin oranges .50 profit each = 7.50 overage
10 boxes Betty Crocker potatoes .50 profit on each + a .40 EQ = 5.40 overage
20 packages Keebler cookies .01 profit each = .20 overage
2 pouches Uncle Ben's rice FREE
10 Sobe FREE (not included in mega-event)
6 Ricola .89 profit each = 5.34 overage
22 pouches Bumble Bee tuna .50 profit each = 11.00 overage
2 Playtex gloves .50 profit each = 1.00 overage
2 Ghirardelli brownie mixes .99 each
Other assorted things I needed: parmesan cheese, saltines, dry milk, Fritos, ground beef (forgot my .50/1 Q :(. These all helped get my total to $30.

I received 4.75 in cats (5 Dole .75 each, 1 Ghirardelli 1.00)

My OOP was 1.30, but I have a $20 giftcard and 5 .75 Dole cats - so I made 22.45 today AND took home all these groceries! Phew, I am exhausted.


  1. What Q did you use to get overage on the Keebler? I'm very impressed, great job!

  2. Which coupons work for the dole??


  3. Can you explain how you got all your deals? I am still a coupon rookie :) I have a coupon binder and everything I just don't know how to use it to get overage! Any help would be great.

  4. Anon- I had 2 different Keebler internet printables - one for .55/1 and one for 1/1. I printed them a while ago. I don't think they are available anymore, but there is a 1.50/2 that makes each pack of cookies .25. Some bloggers have also reported $2/2 peelies on the cookies. That would make them free!

    KC- I used the Dole .50/1 IP. Common Sense with Money posted about it today. She has the link posted on her site - on the right side of my blog.

    Julie - I was a coupon rookie earlier this year too- don't worry, it doesn't take long to catch on! The "My Penny Pile" blog to the right has a great coupon match up you can take to Frys. Check that and let me know if you still have questions. I will outline exactly what I did if you need me to. I am always happy to help another couponer out!

  5. Wow awesome job!! Does your fry's limit how many of the same coupon you can use? Mine only lets me use 3 of the same coupon if I want it to double. I think I might need to try a different store!

  6. Thanks for answering my question...I was sneaking a peak earlier at work and showed one of my co-workers (my supervisor!!) we were both so impressed!

  7. Hi! Can you tell me how you made a profit on the BC potatoes? I thought they were .99 when you buy 10 and then the coupon up to 1.00 so then it would free but not a profit???
    Thanks for your help!

  8. Becca- The first transaction, I was at self check out and they said I could only use 3 like coupons. I told her we would have to void the whole order and she said she would do it this time, but she reprimanded me. :) I had no other problems when I went back to the same store a couple of hours later. The cashiers took all my Qs (way more than 3 like) and didn't care. It depends on your cashier. Try to pick a younger one, they don't give me as much hassle as the older women. They are the kiss of death for my deals! :) Good luck!

    Evan & Amber- Thanks for the comment!

    Stacy- The Betty Crocker potatoes are on sale for .99 each, but when you buy 9 other participating items they are .50 each (after factoring in the $5 savings). So, you are paying .50 for the potatoes, but getting 1.00 in coupon savings, plus any E-Qs you have accumulated! The best thing about the way the $5 deductions come off is no coupon beepage! The register sees the potatoes as .99 each so it doubles/triples/quads up to a dollar with no beeps and .50 overage. Yay!

  9. For some reason my BC potatoes are $1.50 before the .50 off, so not a money maker but free is still good!

    Thanks for all the tips on your blog! I love it!

  10. FREE Ghiradelli brownie mixes!!! I used some of my mixes the other day and SOME boxes have more coupons in them!!! 1.00/2 stuck to the bag inside the box. I found them on the Turtle & the Dark Chocolate... not sure if there are any others that have them. This deal is good for one more day in AZ. Not sure if it will continue into next weeks deals or not.

    SO use the online ghiradelli coupons (1.00/2) to purchase the first 10, pay 4.90 & then receive 5 $1 catalinas then once you leave the store you can pull the coupons from the boxes & give it another go using your catalinas to pay for the next order! The stores were well stocked when I was there! Have fun!

  11. Janae! You are the queen of secret deals! Good find! I can't wait to tear open my brownie mixes and see if I have some coupons too!


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