Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lots of shopping today!

1.47 milk (4)
1.00 Chef Boyardee (2) FREE
.77 Mentos gum (7) – clearanced FREE
13.27 subtotal
-.40/1 Chef Boyardee MQ (2)
-.55/1 Mentos MQ (7)
5.88 paid OOP

2.00 Nestle candy (3) FREE
1.62 vapor strip refills (3) clearanced - I use these so this was a great clearance find. At Walmart, they run about $6 each.
.49 & .50 CVS pocket pack tissues (2) .01 overage
.99 CVS green bag tag
3.99 Q-Tip vanity case - total splurge filler. There are always Q-tips scattered in the bottom of my bathroom cabinet and it drives me nuts.
.50 Dove chocolate filler
.82 tax
18.15 subtotal
-2/1 Nestle candy IPQ (3)
-.30/1 Q-tip MQ
-1/2 CVS tissues CVS Q
10.85 (Paid with $10 EB, .85 on CVS gcard)

39.99 Vicks Thermo-Scan Thermometer ON SALE THIS WEEK FROM $50!
.20 Royal gelatin (9) with in-ad Wags Q
1.00 Halls cough drops FREE after RR
3.49 Emergen-C FREE after RR
2.99 Chapstick FREE after RR
2.49 Fiber Choice 10 ct FREE after RR
3.29 Wags vapor bath- getting ready for flu season!
2.99 Huggies wipes - needed a travel size for diaper bag
4.57 tax! Holy cow!
62.61 subtotal
-$58 RR from all that Thera Flu!
4.61 paid OOP
Received $10 RR
SUMMARY $52.61 cost
That's a high cost, but I feel better not having to keep track of so many RR expiring every 2 weeks! I had a .50/1 Huggies MQ to use, but that would have made my subtotal negative. I was so excited to see the thermometer I wanted $10 less than I thought it would be! I had to buy tons of gelatin to make up the item to RR ratio. I wish those Halloween pencils were still around. :)


  1. How did you get the Nestle candy free? I assume you used the $2/1 IP? I tried to use it but it was for 24 oz. or larger and the on-sale $2 bags were the smaller ones. Tell me!!!

  2. Evers Family - You are right, I had the $2/1 IPs to use on the 24 oz bags, but my CVS was out of that size. The manager said to just use the $2 Qs on the smaller size. Fine by me! :) Hopefully, your CVS is out of stock as well! Thanks for the comment!


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