Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lots of shopping today!

I finally found some Kleenex to do that deal before it ends on Saturday! I bought 9 boxes in 3 seperate transactions. I didn't have any coupons and no catalina coupons printed for me, but they were still a .03 moneymaker! Here's what the transactions looked like:

.99 Kleenex (3)
2.97 subtotal + .24 tax
Paid 3.21 on giftcard
Received $3 OYNO

Repeated two more times paying with $3 cat each time. Can't have enough Kleenex! There were still 20 boxes left on the shelf at the Val Vista/Southern store.

I also bought a Betty Crocker pouch of cookie mix during one of the Kleenex transactions. I don't know what happened, but twice the amount of e-coupons came off than I was expecting! Do those coupons accumulate? I also used a .50/1 BC Cookie Mix IPQ and the cashier suppressed the double! I have never had a cashier do that, but it was okay because so many e-coupons came off. There were 4 deductions of .40! The cookie mix was 1.50 so after the deductions, I was already at a .10 overage. With the .50/1 factored in, I got an overage of .60! Gotta love those e-coupons!

Quick trip to grab some cheap peanut butter...

2.04 Skippy peanut butter (2)
4.08 subtotal
-1/1 Skippy peanut butter Target IPQ (2)
-.40/1 Skippy peanut butter MQ (2)
1.28 paid on giftcard

I had a $4 eb expiring today. I grabbed a Revlon nail polish (free after eb & coupon). The manager wouldn't let me use my Revlon coupon because it didn't picture the nail polish and it didn't specifically say it was for a nail product. It said ANY Revlon color cosmetic product. How else would you describe nail polish???? So irritating. I went back and forth for 20 minutes and then decided a dollar was not worth the hassle. So, I paid FULL PRICE (ugh) with my $4 eb and received $3eb back. Not too thrilled about that trip...

I am starting to burn through all of those RR from the TheraFlu deal. I grabbed a couple of packs of diapers, but I am hoping there is a better diaper price next week. 11.49 per pack is outrageous! I also got some baby stuff for my little sister's baby shower this weekend. Every new nursing mom needs Lansinoh, she just doesn't know it until 2 days after she gets home from the hospital. I'm saving her that pain! And Boudreaux's Butt Paste is, hands down, the best diaper rash cream I've found. It's miraculous.

11.49 Huggies diapers (2)
8.99 Gillette razor
4.00 Playtex tampons (2)
9.99 Lansinoh
5.79 Boudreaux's Butt Paste
2.00 Halloween bags (9) fillers
57.75 subtotal
-3/1 & 2/1 Huggies MQ
-4/1 Gillette MQ
-.50/1 Playtex MQ (2)
-1/1 Boudreaux's Butt Paste MQ
-1/1 Wags Huggies Q from Children's Activity Book (2)
-1.00 Wags in-ad Halloween bags Q 8/$1
43.75 subtotal
Paid with $43 RR (wow.) + 5.03 on a giftcard (4.40 of that was tax!)
Received $9 RR ($6 Gillette, $3 Playtex)
It almost physically hurt to part with that many RR, but I was able to get lots of stuff I needed. And I don't have to worry about them expiring. I can't believe how many fillers I had to have to balance out the RR.

I did 2 more transactions to buy more Gillette razors.

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