Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bashas - 42 cents!

2.00 Orroweat Dutch Country bread (2) 1.00 each
.98 Crest toothpaste - Bashas Home Mailer price .02 profit
.98 Shamrock Farms sour cream - Bashas Home mailer price .48
1.50 La Vic enchilada sauce - raincheck price (4) .50 profit each
11.96 subtotal
-.55/1 Orroweat MQ (2)
-.75/1 Crest MQ

-.50/1 Shamrock Farms blinkie Q found on dairy case
-4/2 La Vic IPQ (2)

.46 OOP


  1. DO they take expired coupons? My Shocker coupons expired on the 13th but I didn't get to use them.

  2. Hi Jodi, They usually don't take expired coupons. My cashier saw my booklet sitting in my cart and she said they were still honoring the Bashas home mailer coupons. You may get a different answer at your store, but the Ellsworth/Baseline location had lots of customers using those coupons. The cashiers were even handing the booklets out to people. Good luck!

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  4. I called yesterday after reading about her other Bashas trip and my store confirmed they were still honoring the shocker Qs. Luckily I could dig a few out of the trash, I had just tossed them!

  5. Miss Thrifty- I am so honored! Thanks for the blog award!

    KC- I'm glad you were able to salvage some of the Bashas Qs from the garbage! There are definitely some deals to be had!


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