Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Albie's - cost 2.37!

I love it when Albie's has a mega sale and doubles, triples, & quadruples coupons at the same time!

2.19 milk (3)
1.00 Chex mix (3) wyb 6
.88 Tony's pizza (2)
1.00 Totino's pizza rolls (4) wyb 6
1.00 BC Warm Delights (4) wyb 6
1.00 BC frosting wyb 6
9.99 Glade Lasting Impressions - filler to get to $30
30.32 subtotal
-5/30 Bashas CRT Q
-.50/1 Tony's pizza MQ
-.50/1 Chex Mix MQ (3)
-.35/1 Totino's pizza rolls (4)
-.50/1 BC Warm Delights (4)
-.50/1 BC frosting
- FREE Glade Lasting Impressions Q found inside refill pack
1.57 + .80 tax = 2.37 OOP

I got rainchecks for Progresso broth, Crunch n Munch, & Green Giant veggies. First day of the sale & they were already cleaned out! Not surprising, this is a great sale. The great thing is Albie's is doubling, tripling, & quadrupling coupons through 11/3 (per a posted sign in their store)! So, I can get a raincheck for the items they're out of and still get them for free! So exciting. On a side note, I saw a sign in Safeway - they are quadrupling coupons until further notice. I am loving all of this healthy competition between the grocery stores!


  1. Will the rain checks work though? With the $3/6 item sale, it specifically states that all purchases have to happen by 10/13.

  2. I wondered that too, but when I asked the customer service desk about it, they just wrote the raincheck out for the amount the product would have been if I bought 6 or 10. And there was no end date or expiration date. You may get a different answer depending on your store, but usually they are pretty goo about issuing rainchecks, unless the ad states "While supplies last." Good luck!


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