Thursday, October 22, 2009

Needed some milk.... CVS profit of $3.83

I was flipping through all the grocery ads to see who had the best price on milk and found $2.19 at Frys was the best I could do. A far cry from Safeway milk for 1.37 a gallon last week! I stopped at CVS to pick up the Glade moneymaker candle and noticed Shamrock Farms milk was on sale for $2.19. Perfect! I scanned my CVS card at the magical coupon kiosk and out popped a $5/15 CVS Q! Even more perfect! Here's what I did...

2.19 milk (2)
6.99 Glade candle
.89 Reese's candy
.44 Reese's (B1G1 50% off)
1.99 Absolutely Divine chocolate
.99 CVS cocoa butter lotion
15.68 subtotal
-5/15 CVS Q
-2/1 CVS any face cleanser/moisturizer Q
-.89 B1G1F Reese's MQ
-1.99 Free Absolutely Divine emailed CVS Q
-3/1 Glade MQ
-3.00 extra bucks
Total -.20 + .36 tax = .16 paid with CVS giftcard
Received $6.99 EB for Glade
SUMMARY = $3.83 profit!


  1. There is a kiosk that you can scan your card at? Where is it exactly?

  2. Crockett- Yes! It is usually right in the front of the store on an endcap. It's red and has a sign that says Coupon Center or something like that. Ask a cashier... they should know what you are talking about.

  3. Wow! I'm very impressed. I havn't gotten a handle on CVS or Walgreens, but you sure make the most out of only needing milk!

  4. Anon- Thanks for the comment! It takes a while to understand all the different rules at Wags and CVS. But once you do, its a lot of fun!


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