Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bashas - $1.68!

I made an early morning run to Bashas today to cash in some rainchecks and do the "Buy ground beef, get 4 items free deal".

.88 Challenge butter-raincheck (4) .12 profit each
.50 Lawry's seasoning - raincheck (2) FREE
1.50 La Vic enchilada sauce - raincheck (6) .50 profit each
.79 refried beans (3)
3.84 grapes - 1.99/lb.
7.99 Moran's ground beef 1.05 profit
.99 Bashas baguette FREE
.99 Food Club spaghetti FREE
1.69 Food Club pasta sauce FREE
2.50 Dole salad FREE
0 tax- thank you City of Mesa
33.89 subtotal
-.75/1 Challege butter IPQ (4) doubled
-.50/2 Lawry's MQ doubled
-4/2 La Vic IPQ from La Vic rewards (3)
-.99/lb. ground beef Bashas home mailer Q - took off $9.04!!
-6.17 for Free Items wyb ground beef
1.68 subtotal!

Be careful with the ground beef/free items deal. The cashier has to manually take those items off and enter in the correct prices. My cashier shorted me $1.81 and I had to go back. I forgot to grab the $3 Snuggle while I was there... I have a raincheck from last week's price so I'll have to go back for that later. All in all, a GREAT deal!

My cashier also told me they are still honoring the Bashas home mailer Qs so, I think I'll grab some free/cheap Kraft singles and some other things.

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