Friday, October 23, 2009

Safeway - Cost 25 cents!

I went to Safeway earlier in the week, spent an hour filling up my cart with all the items I had e-coupons accumulated for... and NONE CAME OFF! I was so irritated, I just voided the whole order and left. I read on some forums that the e-coupons weren't working for anyone earlier this week. I went back this afternoon and tested one item - the Betty Crocker potato pouch and off came FIVE .40 e-coupons! Those e-coupons are not reliable, but when they do come off, it's an exciting thing! I'll probably go back Monday or Tuesday to match up quintupled MQs & e-coupons for lots of savings!

1.25 Betty Crocker potato pouch 1.75 overage!
.90 bananas .33/lb -lowest price I've ever seen!
1.17 Ragu pasta sauce (3) .17 each-I'm stocked up on spaghetti sauce, but needed alfredo.
1.00 Fresh Express salad (4) FREE-Hope I can eat all this before 11/3 expiration!
.55 small pumpkin-just because I love the little festive pumpkins. I can't resist Safeway's great fall display!
.04 tax
10.25 subtotal
-.40/1 e-coupon (5!)
- .25/1 Betty Crocker potato MQ
-.30/1 Ragu pasta sauce (3)
-.55/1 Fresh Express IPQ (2)
-.75/1 Fresh Express IPQ (2)
.25 paid OOP!


  1. check your front page (bottom/right) of the AZ Rep. 10/25 for a free coupon for fries at BK. No purchase neccessary.


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