Tuesday, October 27, 2009

E-Coupon research Safeway trip - cost $3.21

I posted last week here my e-coupon success on the Betty Crocker potato pouch (1.75 overage!), so I decided to try it again this week with more items. My findings on the e-Qs are - they are unpredictable and hard to track, but there are lots of savings when they accumulate and come off at checkout. I printed out all my shopping lists from shortcuts, cellfire, and Safeway.com beforehand so I could build a profitable trip. I would estimate 90% of the e-Qs I was expecting to come off were deducted. Some e-Qs didn't come off but then more e-Qs came off than I was expecting on other items. I wouldn't rely 100% on them, but I'll keep adding them to my cards and continue enjoying sporatic savings.
Here's how my trip went:
2.00 Chex Mix (-1.50 e-Qs, .50/1 IPQ) .50 overage
2.19 BC Warm Delight (-2.50 E-Qs, .50/1 IPQ) 1.31 overage
3.00 BC Cookie Mix (.40/1 IPQ) 2.00 - I was expecting .80 in e-Qs to come off
2.99 Special K Blueberry cereal (1/1 IPQ) 1.99 - I was expecting 2.00 in e-Qs to come off
1.39 Old El Paso beans (2) (-1.80 e-qs, -.60/2 IPQ) .02 overage
1.49 PB Grands Jr. biscuits (2) 2.98 I messed up & bought Jr's, no e-qs or MQs. :(
2.99 PB Italian breads (2) (-4.60 EQ, -2 1/1 IPQs) .62 overage
1.89 PB cinnamon rolls (2) (-1.20 EQ, -2 1/1 IPQs) .29 each
.99 Safeway 18 ct eggs (in-ad Q with $20 purchase)
.55 Yoplait yogurts (6) (-2.00 eq, -.40/6 MQ) .05 each
2.50 Yo-Plus (-3.00 EQ, -1/1 MQ) 1.50 overage
.70 bananas .33/lb.
HERE'S MY FAVORITE DEAL (courtesy of Desert Deals Diva, check it out here!)
1.99 Mr. Clean (4) sale price wyb 3 - ALL 4 FREE after 2 FREE Mr. Clean MQs (9/27 P&G)!
.64 tax
42.69 subtotal
E-Q savings = 17.60
MQ savings = 18.98
6.21 paid OOP
Received $3 OYNO from Pillsbury
SUMMARY 3.21 cost
In hindsight, I should have just taken off the Grands Jr's because I didn't get any Q savings on those. Then, my total cost would have been 73 cents after a $2.50 OYNO. Oh well. That's the problem with EQs, you can't tell which EQs are for which item until your receipt prints out at the end. All in all, a good run. And a good experience with the E-Qs.

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