Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thrifty Tidbits - 7/29/10 edition

Phew, yesterday was a super busy day of Thrifty Tidbit activity! I am running around doing last minute things to prepare for our trip to California this weekend and pulling together loose ends for my daughter's second birthday party on Saturday.

I wanted to make a super cute banner and candy buffet table kind of like this one...
I don't want to spend a fortune on candy, so I think it will be a smaller version with maybe 3 or 4 glass jars. As far as the banner goes, I headed over to Scrapbooks, Etc. in Mesa on Lindsey & University and used their die cutting machines to cut out some super cute letters spelling out my daughter's name. I am using a hot pink and black color scheme and the whole banner only cost me 1.67 to create! And that was the cost of the paper. I will take a photo of the real thing at her party this weekend.

I am also trying to dig up some pizza coupons for her birthday party lunch. We are ordering pizzas from our favorite home town pizza place and they are pricey, but they accept competitor's coupons. I never have any pizza coupons around the house, because whenever we order pizza we get the $5 large from Hungry Howies. Do any of you guys know where I can snag some pizza coupons? Maybe I'll stop in at Domino's or Pizza Hut and see what they have. I'm looking for a BOGO or a $10 large or something like that.

I had a few magazines, board games, & a puzzle to trade. I got $8 in trade credit, so now I am up to $28 in Bookman's credit. Last time I was there, I saw they had "A Bug's Life" DVD for sale. I didn't buy it then, but went back looking for it yesterday because I wanted to grab it for my daughter's birthday present. She's 2 - she doesn't know its a used copy. :) When I went back yesterday, it was gone! :( That's what I get for procrastinating! I didn't see anything else I wanted, so I'll just hold onto that trade credit until I see some more Disney movies pop up on the shelves. While I was there, I signed up my daughter up for the Bookman's Kids Club which will give me 10% off future purchases and a $5 gift certificate during her birthday month - which is next month! Maybe with all those Kids Club promotions, we can get 2 movies!
I had a Rubbermaid tub full of little girls clothing that my daughter never wore - either because it was the wrong season or because she had too many clothes. They were taking up a corner in my bedroom, so I hauled those off to Once Upon A Child and got $10 cash for them! Yay!
I had a couple of garbage bags of old clothing that doesn't fit us anymore, plus some other left overs from the yard sale I had earlier this summer. The garbage bags have been sitting in the same corner of my bedroom for a couple of months now waiting for the next yard sale. I decided today that I didn't want to look at the clutter anymore, so off to Goodwill I went. Hopefully, someone else will get some use out of that stuff.

And finally, Costco. I used to be a religious Costco shopper, dutifully buying my paper towels, toilet paper, & diapers in bulk. Spending about $50-75 a trip thinking I was getting a good deal. That was until I saw the couponing light! I haven't stepped foot in a Costco in over a year. But I did yesterday to pick up some prints of my daughter's 2 year pictures to frame and use as decorations for her party. They are unbeatable for local photo printing when it comes to quality and price. I looked into Snapfish and other online retailers, but no one could beat Costco's prices. I paid 3.33 for one 8x10 and four 5x7s. What a deal!

Phew... that was a lot of errand running! What are you guys doing to be thrifty in everyday life?

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