Monday, July 19, 2010

Mail Call Monday - 7/19/10 edition

Today's mail call is a bit quiet, but my ads came early for the first time in 2 weeks, so I am happy!
COUPONS: I received 2 free Kellogg's products manufacturer's coupons in the mail today to replace 2 boxes of Apple Jacks I had that were included in the 6/25/10 recall. I just called that in last week, so I am pleasantly surprised to see they are already here! The customer service agents were so helpful too! I didn't have the numbers off the boxes with me, but they processed the recall information anyway. Have you checked your cereal stockpile? Click here for all the information!

FREE MAGAZINES: I got my weekly subscription to OK Magazine. I am finding this magazine to be similar to the National Enquirer as far as quality content goes, but who doesn't love a good trashy celeb magazine? Especially when its delivered free to my house?

GROCERY ADS: Here's the scoop on the sales beginning this Wednesday:
  • ALBIE'S - No doubling coupons, but some good deals:
    • Cheapest milk at 1.67/gallon (limit 2)
    • .99 Mott's Apple Juice
    • 1.00 cantaloupe
  • BASHAS - Cheap eggs, strawberries, and a mix & match event
    • .69 AA dozen eggs (limit 2)
    • .99 Driscoll's strawberries, 1 lb. package (limit 3)
    • Buy 10, Save $10 event with select GM, Betty Crocker, & Pillsbury items
  • FRY'S - Quadruple Coupon Event continuing & Mega Event continues with higher prices
    • Kraft Cheese is increasing from 1.38 to 1.49
    • Life & Captain Crunch cereal is increasing from 1.49 to 1.77
    • Pepsi 2 liter products are increasing from .75 to .88
    • Crayola crayons and markers prices are staying at .25 and 1.00
  • SAFEWAY - Quadruple coupon event continues, cheap milk
    • 1.68 Dairy Glen Milk
    • 2.00 Wheat Thins -1.00/1 IPQ = 1.00
    • .20 corn on the cob


  1. voter info, and 'marlin' magazine, about boating. twas free, wish i had OK. lol.

  2. I got my Armor All rebate!

  3. How do you get the ads early?

  4. Your RSS link isn't good. There's extra info in there... Help! :)


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