Thursday, July 15, 2010

I FINALLY got my Groupon!

Have you ever heard of or used Groupon before? I receive the daily deal emails for Phoenix, but I've never jumped in until this week. I saw a Groupon for the Dolly Steamboat Tour at Canyon Lake northeast of Mesa and I was so excited! We are always up at that lake and I always thought it would be so fun to take a nature cruise. They had the tickets discounted 50% so $10 per person. I bought them for our family and we have until October to use them!

Today's deal is 50% off to Big Surf Water park in Tempe so $13 for the day or $34 for the entire season! I am loving this Groupon thing more and more. I think I'll try to be smart like KC over at Desert Deals Diva and get the deals for our favorite vacation destinations too.

Have you tried Groupon yet? What fun things have you done on the cheap?


  1. Laser hair removal, hurray no more waxing.

  2. Hey Kim, I have indulged in
    ECOMaids, Reid Park ZOO family membership, Tucson vistors coupon books, Photographers in Tucson and Phoenix + this gift shop/accessory store place down here (totally spacing the name right now).. :-)

  3. I bought atleast 10 groupons for PHX and San Diego where we vacationed last week. Restaurants, yoga, waxing, canvas photos, pilates, etc. I love the site! Sign up for emails for cities that you visit frequently.


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