Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CVS & Fry's!

I'm not sure how it happened, but our household ran out of lots of necessities at the same time - paper towels, diapers, milk, & garbage bags! These are important things so I headed out today to purchase these items with the lowest OOP possible. I didn't get garbage bags, but I got everything else on my list.

8.99 Huggies Diapers
-3.00/1 IPQ - no longer available
-2.00/1 CRT printed today at CVS coupon kiosk
Paid 3.99 OOP, earned $3 EB
.99 cost

4.44 CVS Paper Towels (8 pack)

I bought both of these items plus 2 bags of CVS candy so I could use the $10 EB I had. I paid .62 OOP and earned the $3 EB for the Huggies. So, it was a net cost of 7.62, but I only paid .62 OOP.

I had a huge list planned, but there were lots of empty shelves when I got there. I'm not surprised, because its the last day of the sale. So I just grabbed rainchecks for those items (Kraft Cheese, Suave deodorant, Captain Crunch).

2.08 Fry's milk (2)

1.39 bananas (.49/lb.)
-1.00 off 3 lbs. bananas Bashas home mailer Q
.39 for 3 lbs. or .13/lb.

1.49 Dannon Yogurt, 6 pack (4)
-1.50/1 MQ 6/6 SS (4)
.01 overage each, plus earned $2 OYNO for buying 4
2.04 profit total

1.49 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel (4)
-.35/1 MQ 5/16 SS (4)
.49 each
Not free, but needed fillers for my 5.00/25.00 coupon and my husband has been asking for these.

1.00 Softsoap (4)
-.50/1 IPQ (4) - print here

.49 Spaghettios (4)
-.50/2 IPQ (2) - print here
.01 overage each

1.49 Miracle Whip (4)
-1.00/1 Safeway coupon from Grilling Coupon Booklet (4)
-1.00/1 Facebook IPQ (4) - print here
.51 overage each

I used a 5.00/25.00 Bashas home mailer coupon and got .20 in reusable bag credits which brought my total to negative 60 cents. I added on a candy bar and gave it to my cashier.

Zero OOP, earned $2 Dannon OYNO = 2.00 profit!

If you didn't get to Fry's this week, don't worry. The Mega Event continues next week with a lot of the same products. Some of the prices have slightly increased, but there are still lots of freebies!
Check back tomorrow morning for "My Favorite Deals" list!


  1. How were you able to use 8 miracle whip coupons on only 4 products?

  2. How do I get in on the Basha's home mailer list? I only get the f/e email q......


  3. Becky- 4 of the coupons were normal manufacturer's coupons, but the other 4 were Safeway store coupons. Fry's is accepting competitor coupons right now, so I was able to stack them, just like if those Safeway coupons had been fry's store coupons. Make sense? Thanks for the comment!

  4. Michelle- those bashas coupons came from the new mom club. You can sign up for it on bashas website if you have children under the age of 10. You get home mailer coupons & they give your child a free cake on their birthday. Let me know if you have trouble finding the sign up link. Thanks for the comment!


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