Thursday, July 8, 2010

Free Ice Cream at Albie's!

Zero OOP - no tax!

This the only freebie I've found at Albie's this week, but its a good one! I used 6 1.00/1 MQs I found on the freezer door at Circle K last week. I'm still seeing them this week so stop by your Circle K to see if you can find some too!

1.00 Breyers Ice Cream pint (6)
-1.00/1 MQ (6)

In other news, I FINALLY found the "Grilling" coupon books at my Safeway. Too late for the Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce overage party last week, but I'll hang onto them for upcoming deals.

Also, make sure to stop by CVS and swipe your card. This week, most people are getting a .50/1 Three Musketeers CRT coupon and that makes them free this week. They are priced at .50 each - free candy AND ice cream? What a great week!


  1. At my albertsons, they are on sale for .88, and they wouldn't take my coupon, or even adjust the coupon down because the coupon value was higher than their sale price! I was so sad/angry!!

  2. I've never noticed (until now) how many Circle K's there are! Seems like one on every corner. Everytime I pass one I grab a few breyers Q's!!! :) Lot's of Free Ice Cream to get us through the Summer! WooHoo! Thanks for spotting that deal! It's definately on my favorites of this week... scratch that, month. Now if only they had more than 3 FLAVORS AVAILABLE. Not to complain... but I'm just sayin'.
    ~Janae @ Life Under Construction

  3. Just spoke with albertsons customer service there coupon policy says that as long at the retail value(non sale price) doesnt exceed the value of the coupon they are able to adjust the coupon down to match the sale price.

  4. I ran into the same issue with the 88 cent icecream. I emailed customer service and if they dont respond by tomorrow im going to call. I was irritated to drive all the way there for nothing.

  5. same thing happened to me....very frustrated....they throw a fuss..they are getting the money back either way....Coupon Nazis~


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