Thursday, July 1, 2010

CVS Trip - A PMS Dream Trip!

Sorry for the title - I couldn't help myself! Look at that picture. And for the record, I am not PMSing, these are just the deals that presented themselves this week. Ok, enough on that...
3.99 Stayfree (8) BOGO sale
-BOGO MQ 6/27 RP (4)

.89 Pretzel M&Ms (8) BOGO sale
-BOGO MQ 6/27 RP (4)
*Be aware- the max value of these coupons is .79. Luckily, my cashier entered .89 each, so I got all 8 free. You may have to pay 10 cents for each pair.

19.99 Huggies Diapers box - raincheck price & EB deal
-3.00/1 IPQ - print here
-3.00/1 CRT Q from CVS coupon kiosk
13.99 paid OOP
Earned $10 EB
3.99 cost

13.99 subtotal + 2.63 tax (yuck) = 16.62 total
Paid with 8.97 EBs (that were all expiring today) + 7.65 on CVS gift card
Earned 10 EB from Huggies and 1 EB from Green Bag Tag
SUMMARY: 5.62 cost

I had to use all those Extra Bucks today, so I was happy to use those to get that huge box of diapers for less than a normal pack would have cost. Have you guys tried those Pretzel M&Ms? They are addicting! I love them straight out of the fridge - yummy!


  1. Seriously funny picture!
    Haven't tried to pretzel M&Ms yet...kind of scared too now that I'm totally addicted to the coconut ones!

  2. So I have been wondering why I dont get the same coupons as everyone else. I read Hip2Save and KCL and they mentioned the stayfree and m&m coupons and match up deals this week at CVS too, but I dont have those coupons in my 6/27 RP. I thought maybe Arizona didnt get them or something, but I guess you got them, I dont know whats up, at least 50% of the time I dont have the coupons. Wierd...


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