Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Target Run

I went to Target today searching for some awesome 90% off summer clearance deals, but came up empty handed. Desert Deals Diva definitely found way better deals than I did. I am super jealous of the drink bucket she snagged for 50 cents!

I did need garbage bags, so I was happy to find some Hefty bags clearanced to 4.54. I used this 1.00/1 Facebook IPQ to grab them for 3.54.

I also found another pair of clearanced C9 men's socks for 4.88. I used the $5 C9 Target IPQ (no longer available) to get them free.

I paid 3.85 on a Target gift card. I've been to both Targets near me - Power & Southern and Gilbert & Southern and am not finding any more summer clearance. Have you guys found any good summer clearance deals?

1 comment:

  1. I went to Target last night off of Litchfield and McDowell in the west valley. They still had summer stuff clearanced but not a big selection. There were a lot of racks of clearanced kids clothes but only 30% off. Not so sure they will go up to 50% or 75% off like in the womans section.


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