Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Fry's Mega Run + Target!

I made a quick run to Frys yesterday because I needed soda for a lunch at the office. I donated three 2 liter bottles to the office lunch party, so that's why they are not pictured.

.75 Pepsi 2 Liter products (6)
-.25/1 hangtag MQs found at CVS (6)
.25 overage each

.49 Spaghettios (4)
-.50/2 IPQ (2) - print here

1.00 Reese's Cups (king sized)

.50 Kit Kat

-.04 subtotal + .11 tax = .07 paid cash

I forgot about the overage from the soda, so I had to throw on some candy bars at the register. I hate that! If I hadn't been rushing around, I could have grabbed a gallon of milk or produce or something instead of candy. Oh well, my husband always loves my overage candy I bring him home. They are not pictured because they were in the fridge cooling down from the hot car.

I also ran into Target looking for clearance finds. I didn't find a whole lot. The summer clearance was pretty wiped out. I needed envelopes to send my daughter's birthday invites out in, but I didn't want to spend a ton of money doing it. So, I was so excited to find some clearanced graduation invitations on an end cap in stationary that will work perfectly. They were 50 cents each. Much better than making my own envelopes or buying note card envelopes at a scrapbook store. I also found a giant bubbles refill in the summer clearance section. It was marked down from 3.99 to .99. My daughter is a bubbles fanatic, so this was a good buy for us. My total OOP was 2.16 paid on a Target gift card.

I'm heading back to Fry's today for another mega run before the sales prices increase tomorrow. I'm also working on "My Favorite Deals" list that I'll post tomorrow morning!


  1. Great find on the soda overage!!

  2. where did you see the pepsi hang tags at? We didn't see them hoping you can point us in right direction. Thanks!

  3. Thanks KC!

    James- I found them a couple weeks ago at CVS. They were hanging on the 2 liter bottles. Hopefully, there are still some floating around out there. Good luck!

  4. When the stores change out the cards after holidays they throw away the envelopes but if you ask the person that does the cards they will usually just give them to you, that is how I get all of my envelopes. Nothing better then free and some of them are super cute!!!


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