Monday, July 26, 2010

Mail Call Monday 7/26/10 edition

Today was the Mail Call Monday of magazines!

Bloomberg Business, OK!, Forbes, Truckin', Chevy, Flying & Spin .... phew! 7 magazines!

I got the P&G insert for the upcoming Sunday. Lots of good BOGO coupons in there, so make sure to grab a few extra papers this weekend.

As usual, this is an early, quick glance at the ads. Check back on Wednesday morning for "My Favorite Deals" list!
  • Albie's - No doubling coupons mentioned, but they do have an interesting "Buy this, get that" promo going on.
    • Free JIF peanut butter & Albie's sandwich bread wyb Smucker's Strawberry Jam
    • 1.88 fresh blueberries
    • 1.49 Prego Pasta Sauce
    • .50 iceberg lettuce head
  • Basha's - Free Softsoap and a huge BOGO sale!
    • B1G2F Sanderson Farms Bone-In Split Chicken
    • BOGO half gallon Basha's milk, Sunny D, Farmer John sausage, ...
    • .49/lb. bananas
    • .99 Softsoap -.50/1 IPQ = FREE
  • Fry's - Save a copy of this ad in the event of a grumpy cashier! It advertises competitor coupons & the $1 coupon event!
    • 1.77/lb. boneless skinless chicken
    • .88 AA dozen eggs
    • 1.50 Kroger cheese
    • .88 cantaloupe
  • Safeway -Loving this milk price & lots of in-ad coupons to use at Fry's! :) $1 coupon event continues!
    • 1.68 Dairy Glen milk
    • .78/lb. green seedless grapes
    • 1.50 Lucerne cheese -.55/1 Real CA IPQ = .50 (If cheese has CA seal)
    • 1.29 18 ct. eggs (with in-ad Q)
    • 7.99 Huggies & Pampers diapers (with in-ad Q)

PS - As I suspected, when I stopped into Fry's about the raincheck snafu on Saturday, they apologized for their mistake! Ha! They apologized for giving me an even better deal than I expected! Crazy. Fry's has great customer service & that's a huge reason why I redeem my valuable coupons there instead of other stores... ahem, Albie's.


  1. how do you get the P&G insert mailed ahead of time? And which Safeway has the Nivea lipcare? I have been to 3 stores and they have never heard of it.

  2. Hi Anon- thanks for the comment! I honestly have no idea what decides who will get the free inserts and who will not. I wish I had a better answer for you, but I've received my grocery ads and one of the inserts for the upcoming week since I've lived at my address. I've never requested it - it just comes. If I ever find out how to request it, I will absolutely share it with everyone. Nivea Lip Care has always been at the 3 Safeway stores I usually shop at - Higley & Baseline, Val Vista & Southern, & Meridian & Apache Trail. It's kind of hard to find ... they have a chapstick section in the health & beauty area. Good luck!


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