Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Last Fry's Mega Run! $119.49 in groceries for 3.84!

I will miss this 2 week mega event Fry's has had.
There have been all kinds of freebies and moneymakers!

My Fry's at Val Vista & Baseline was out of Captain Crunch & Softsoap so I had to rework all of my transactions on the spot- I hate that! I had to work hard to get my total above $35 to use my 5/35 Fry's coupon, but the paper towels & toothpaste helped. I was ready to split my transactions because I had so many like coupons, but my cashier scanned them all in one order. I also needed to use up all those Crest & Bounty MQs before the weekend because they all expire 7/31!

*'d items are part of the Mega Event. Prices reflect pricing after the $5 discount is applied.

Here's what I did:

.49 Spaghettios (8)*
-.50/2 IPQ (4) - print here
.01 overage each

1.09 Mentos*
-.55/1 MQ 4/25 SS

.99 Philadelphia Cream Cheese (5)
No coupons :(

.88 Pepsi 2 liter products (12)*
Price matched to Safeway's in-ad Q - used 3 coupons because the limit is 4 per coupon
$5 mega event discount still comes off (.50 discount per item) making each 2 liter bottle 19 cents
.19 each
Plus, I received 3 Free Redbox codes catalinas! (1 for every 4 products purchased.)

.49 Quaker Rice Snacks (4)*
-.50/2 IPQ (2) - print here
.01 overage each

1.00 Crest Toothpaste (16)
-various MQs from 6/6 PG, 6/27 RP, & 7/4 PG (16)

1.19 Bounty Basic Paper Towels (11)
-.25/1 MQ 6/6 & 7/4 PG (11)
.19 each

2.08 Fry's milk (2)

13.45 subtotal + .69 tax - .30 reusable bag credits -5/35 Fry's IPQ (print here) = 8.84
Paid with $5 Kraft OYNO + 3.84 on Fry's giftcard
Received $5 Kraft OYNO & 3 Red Box Codes


If they had been in stock with the Captain Crunch & Softsoap, I would have made money, but I am not going to complain about getting $120 worth of groceries for 3.84. Goodbye Mega Sale ... I will miss you!


  1. I don't really get how the Bounty were free . . . Wouldn't that make them about .19 a piece?

  2. Were the bounty basics free as they run $1.19 and the Q doubles to $1 w/ .19 balance? Just checking I didn't miss anything w/ my Q's. Thanks for the run down.

  3. Becky & Frenzied Family - Thanks for catching my mistake! I was in a hurry when I wrote this up. I fixed it. Thanks!

  4. They take the $5 off $35 before coupons?

  5. Anon- thanks for the comment! Yes, I gave the $5 off $35 first, then all the manufacturer's coupons.

  6. Great job... I am jealous. I never made it out tonight. So I sit here... jealous over everyone's deals!!! I am really hoping someone else will have some decent kraft cheese prices before the CAT ends.. I really, really wanted to stock up on cheese. :-(

  7. Was the Bounty only on sale last ad cycle or is that a regular price.

    Wish I had known. Good job


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