Monday, July 12, 2010

The Mail Call Monday That Wasn't...

This was it! This was all I got in the mail today...
What in the world? No grocery ads, no free samples or coupons? What a sad day.

Well, this means no early preview for the grocery sales starting on Wednesday! What a bummer. I am sorry everybody! I will search around tomorrow and see what I can dig up so I can start doing "My Favorite Deals" list. Did anyone else get their ads early?


  1. That has happened to me sometimes and I am so bummed when I don't get the ads! I got mine though... and I am pretty excited for Frys' buy 10 save $5 event. Can't wait to see what deals everyone finds!

  2. I did get the ads early. The only thing I looked for was if Fry's kept the all coupons $1 and they are! Let me know if you are looking for something!


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