Saturday, January 2, 2010

Are you guys using the AWESOME dairy Qs?

Because I sure am! I got milk for 1.19 per gallon, sour cream for .47, & cottage cheese for .69! I'll post the links to the Qs below so you can print them and use them too. They are PDF format and they don't expire until 1/31/10 - so print away and use them all month!

2.19 milk (4) -.50/1 Real CA half gallon or gallon milk IPQ = 1.19 each
1.47 sour cream -.30/1 Real CA dairy product IPQ = .47
1.69 cottage cheese -.30/1 Real CA cheese IPQ = .69
1.00 Rosarita refried beans (3) -.50/3 Rosarita MQ 12/13 SS = .67 each
2.29 Mission tortillas (I didn't have any Qs for these, just needed them)
2.12 top round steak
1.29 bananas .59/lb
.36 tax
13.00 paid with Chinet overage on Safeway giftcards

I heart the farmer's market! Here's what I got today...
.25 fresh cranberries
.59 blackberries
1.98 honeycrisp apples (.89/lb)
.36 tomato (.69/lb)
.50 lettuce
.69 5 lb. bag of potatoes
2.84 15 pound seedless watermelon!
Paid $7.21 OOP for more than 22 pounds of fresh, locally grown produce :)


  1. Thanks!!I am going to use the milk ones at Fry's to get FREE 1/2 gallons!!!!

  2. Anon- I thought about doing that, but the Lucerne brand is the only local grocery store I've seen with the Real CA label. They might take it - who knows? Good luck!

  3. Maybe it's just me, but I can't get the coupon to print in the size I want. Please help! Your link takes up the whole page and the website link is too small. I don't know how to fix it, any advice would be appreciated. thanks

  4. sb- I shrunk it down to a quarter of a page by pulling down a drop down in the printer box that pops up. I don't remember what the drop down is called, but I selected to print 4 on multiple pages. It shrunk down to about 25%- hope that helps! Thanks for visiting my blog & thanks for the comment!


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