Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I love free milk!

So, I needed some milk and I had to stop by CVS anyway because they charged me for 7 12 packs of soda instead of the 6 I actually got. They refunded my money in cash (my favorite!) even though I paid with EBs and a giftcard yesterday. Yay!
Here's what I did...
2.29 milk (2)
2.49 chocolate milk
6.00 Soy Joy (2)
.99 CVS aspirin
20.06 subtotal
-5/20 CVS Q
-1/1 CVS brand pain reliever CRT
-free chocolate milk wyb 2 gallons
11.57 + .06 tax = 11.63 paid with $10 EB & 1.63 on giftcard
Earned $12 EB = .37 profit!
I had some Soy Joy Qs, but I only had EBs in $10 increments, so I had to keep the subtotal around $10 to keep my out of pocket low.
I also grabbed some rainchecks at Fry's for 1.00 Pillsbury grands and .88 Chef Boyardee meals.

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