Monday, January 25, 2010

CVS & Target

I heard a rumor that Target baby clearance was going to 75% off today- Gilbert & Southern did! I was able to grab another 2 pack of sleepers for 2.48 instead of the 4.38 they were marked last week. I used a $1/1 Gerber apparel IPQ (print from either Target's site or Gerber's site) so I got 2 sleepers for 1.48 or .74 each! Smoking deal! I saw a ton of other baby stuff on clearance too. I also grabbed 2 pairs of super cute yoga pants for my daughter - they were $1 each on clearance! In total, I spent $3.48 on a gift card.

Well, in case you don't have enough soda from last week's deal, you can do one more round! I maxed out 4 deals last week and I was able to do a 5th one today.

6/$20 Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew, & Sierra Mist
2.85 Axe body wash clearanced (2)
1.25 Hershey's bliss chocolate clearanced
26.95 subtotal
-5/20 CVS IPQ no longer available
-1/1 Axe IPQ (2)
19.95 + .37 tax = Paid $19.95 EB + .37 on CVS giftcard
Received $10 EB for soda & $1 EB for green bag tag
SUMMARY = $9.32 cost.... but wait! I am working on the Axe deal. They only had 2 clearanced shower gels left, so I am hoping to find a third one so I can end up paying .18 for each shower gel. My husband loves Axe so whenever I can find a deal I grab them, even if it's not always a MM.


  1. I am hoping for some blackout type curtains, so I plan on hitting Target tomorrow and will see if I can grab some sleepers. I am a little unsure on sizing.. #1 was a big guy... so I am gonna assume #2 will also be a big guy, but their b-days will be opposite seasons (april vs. sept) so the sizing wont be the same for cold weather.. ugh, not sure what to do!

    I hope another $5 off cVs q comes up.. I was loving the $0.83 12 packs last week... not sure I can justify double the cost when I already have WAY too much stocked up. :-)

  2. Quinn doesn't look like he was a big guy at all! If your Target is like mine, you'll be in luck. There were WAY more boy sleepers than girl. I saw a lot of 6 and 12 month sizes, so if nothing else, you can maybe stock up for next winter. The different due dates do make it hard to have #2 wear Quinn's hand me downs. This Target clearance sale should definitely help with that!

    As far as the 5/20 CVS Qs, they won't beep until 2/6 and I've been using them no problem. I never have soda in my house either and now I look like a hardcore addict! I was able to find expiration dates into September though, so hopefully we'll be good and stretch it out that long. :)

  3. I soo need to get my butt to Target and get in on the Clearance deals.

    Wow!! it took Target here on the West Coast long enough to finally bring down their clearance sales to 75% or more. I was getting jealous of the ppl. on the East Coast.

    I've been searching for another CVS $$/$$ Q, hoping that one will come out soon.

    Gr8 Job! Kim and Thanks!


  4. Eve- I agree on the clearance schedule. It seems like we are a week behind everyone else. I'm hoping for another 5/20 CVS Q also, but I haven't had any trouble using the one that expired on 1/23. It won't beep until 2/6, so every cashier (even a manager) scanned it in for me no problem.

  5. What time did you go to Target? I was at that exact same Target around 9:00 am and all the baby stuff was still at 30%-50%. Shoot! I will have to try it again.

  6. Hi Natalie- I was there around 12-1pm and they were still marking down. You must have just missed it! I would go back ASAP. There was still tons of stuff when I left. Good luck!


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