Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last minute Tuesday round up!

As usual, I ran around today trying to soak up the last of the sales week. Turns out the only sale ending was at Safeway, but that's ok. I got a lot of shopping done.
I grabbed 7 free Marcal paper towels with the free MQs from 12/13 & 1/3 SS. I paid .56 in tax.

I found one more lonely clearanced Axe shower gel to finish up the $5 EB deal.
2.85 Axe shower gel
7.99 Crave NX
9.99 Glade Lasting Impressions
.33 caramel (filler)
21.16 subtotal
-5/20 CVS Q
-1/1 Axe IPQ
-free Glade Lasting Impressions MQ
5.17 - Paid with $5 EB (CVS advisory board survey)*
1.06 on giftcard (.17 + .89 tax)
Earned $13 EB ($8 Crave NX, $5 Axe)
SUMMARY = $6.94 profit
I'm so glad I was able to find that clearanced Axe - that made each one only .18!

*I signed up to be on the CVS advisor board after seeing Desert Deal Diva's post about it here. Today, they sent my first survey. It took about 2 minutes to complete and I earned $5 EB! Well worth my time. You should become a CVS advisor too! Thanks for the tip KC!

Lots of great overage on the Pillsbury cat deal, free Blistex, & major eQ overage! I love it when a plan comes together. :)

2.50 Fiber One muffin mix .50 overage
2.00 Barilla manicotti - for dinner tonight
1.49 PB Grands Jrs. (2) .59 overage each after cat
1.89 PB cinnamon rolls (2) 1.68 overage each after cat
1.69 PB crescent rolls (2) .48 overage each after cat
1.47 Lucerne sour cream .47
2.49 Lean Pockets breakfast .95
3.49 Sargento cheese .49
1.00 Blistex (5) FREE
1.66 bananas .59/lb.
$5 Safeway giftcard to eat up overage
.17 tax
33.92 subtotal
-9.25 in eQs
-2.00 Safeway in-ad Sargento Q
-.99 Safeway in-ad Hot Pockets Q
-1/2 PB products (3) from Make it Tonight booklets
-.50/1 Fiber One MQ
-.50/1 PB IPQ (4)
-.25/1 PB crescent rolls MQ
-.35/1 Blistex MQ (5)
-.50/1 Sargento MQ
-.35/1 Softsoap MQ
-.55/1 Real CA dairy product (not doubled, weird.)
2.65 subtotal paid with giftcard
Earned $4 OYNO from purchasing 6 PB items
SUMMARY = $6.35 profit!


  1. Awesome job at Safeway! I am jealous I didn't get on that deal! And nice A-team quote! Did you know they are making a remake movie version of it??

  2. Hi KC! Thanks for the comment, and I heard they were doing a remake of A-team. How exciting! You can still get in on the Pillsbury cat deal. It runs into February, so just make sure you load as many eQs as you can before it ends.

  3. Where did you find the coupons for paper towels?

  4. Hi Crockett - 12/13 SS & 1/3 SS. The sale price is still $1 into March, but the Qs expire 1/31/10 so get there this week.

  5. I went to Albertsons tonight to get 8 marcal paper towels and tissues. I had 8 of the free coupons. When I went to checkout the cashier told me that they have a new policy and you have to buy at least one thing when getting free stuff. So I got a cany bar so that I could sent it in for the free coupon for Resse's pieces. It was a $1.21 for 9 items. That was great but the new policy was different. I guess you did not have that problem when you got your paper towels.

  6. Anon- What? That is the craziest thing I've ever heard. That "new policy" is definitely not in their official store policy, sounds like the store is making up its own rules. I would absolutely call the store manager. If you don't get any help there, I would call the corporate office. It's not "free" - you are paying with coupons. They are a form of payment which they will get reimbursed for. Had you been paying for the paper towels in cash, you wouldn't have heard a word. That kind of discrimination drives me nuts.


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