Thursday, January 21, 2010

More meters & Super Bowl snacks

I love this rainy weather, but trying to coupon in it is exhausting!
Imagine 6 12 packs of Diet Pepsi in this picture as well. I dropped them off at work, so they didn't make it in the picture.
I found 8 more meters today... crossing my fingers for a few more before the end of the week. After tax (paid on a giftcard), so far I have 39.67 profit from this deal. I know some people are running into cashier problems using both coupons, but I've been lucky. Use this Wags inventory checker before you go out in this weather to see if your Wags has any meters left. Just click on "Find in Store".

Heard a rumor the Pepsi/Tostitos deal was expanded to a limit of 4! It's true! Here's what I did:
6.00 Soy Joy (3) limit 6
7.99 Crave Nx limit 2
.50 Skittles (2) fillers
.52 tax
27.51 subtotal
-5/20 CVS Q
22.51 subtotal paid with 21.99 EB & .52 on gcard
Earned 26EB (18 soy joy, 8 crave nx)
Summary: $3.49 profit

3.00 Stacy's pita chips
3.50 Tostitos (3)
3.69 Tostitos queso dip (2)
20.88 subtotal
-5/20 CVS Q
-Free Stacy's pita Q (from becoming a fan on Facebook)
-1/1 Tostitos IPQ (3)
-1/1 Tostitos dip wyb 2 Tostitos chips
8.88 subtotal paid with $8 EB & .88 on gcard
Earned $10 EB
Summary: $1.12 profit

3.33 Diet Pepsi & Pepsi Max (6)
5.99 CVS batteries (needed these & needed to get over $18 total to use soy joy $18 EB)
.39 tax
26.38 subtotal
-5/20 CVS Q
21.38 subtotal paid with $18 EB & 3.38 on gcard
Earned $10 EB
Summary: 11.38 cost

Final CVS Summary: 6.77 cost which is basically, the cost of the batteries plus tax. And, as KC at Desert Deals Diva always reminds me of, it's all paid for with EB & giftcards, so it's not real money out of pocket anyway. :) So, I am happy with today's CVS deals.

I stopped at Frys to see if I could find any more free Tostito dip Qs before I went to CVS. I didn't find any free ones, but I was able to grab some $1/1 Tostitos dip wyb 2 Tostitos bags of chips. Not as great as the other ones, but still a good deal. While I was there, I also found a new coupon booklet for "Bud Light Bud Bowl". There are some pretty good MQs in there plus some rebates with Bud Light purchase. Look for them near the coke/chips display next time you're at Fry's.


  1. I am honestly not trying to be critical, but do you use the aviva meters or do you collect them to make money? What do you do with the meters if you don't use them? I have heard of people "buying" things they don't use just to get the money and I am having a hard time understanding why people would do that.

  2. Anon- Good question! I don't personally use the meters, but my dad is diabetic so I make sure he has first dibs. If he doesn't need them, they are donated to places in need. I have donated them to doctor's offices and hospitals. Recently, I found out I can donate them to community colleges for their students to learn about using meters. I'll be trying that for this round of meters. Thanks for visiting and for the comment!

  3. You did great! Thx for the tip on cvs changing the limit to 4 on the tostitos deal! Woohoo! Guess I'll need to make another trip! I'm loving all this cheap soda!!!

  4. FYI, You can also donate the meters to American Diabetes Assoc. They hand them out to people in need or use them to educate kids with juvenile diabtes.

  5. Please, every time there is a meters left. I don't want to make money. I just want a meter. I have a coupon and want to use at the store but manager tells me that all gone due to "coupon greed". Don't feel like I should have to go and beg for a free meter at a clinic when I am willing to pay with coupon at store. Just don't understand. Hope you don't delete, just food for thought, not personal attack. Nice that you donate. I hope others do too. Just might be nice to leave some for people like me. Thanks.

  6. Anon- It is really easy to make sure your local store has meters in stock. All you have to do is call the manager and have him order some for you. Once it arrives (usually within the week), they will hold the order until you get into the store. Easy! If you are looking for a specific sale price, make sure to get a raincheck. Hope that helps and thanks for the comment!


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