Monday, January 25, 2010

How I got diapers for $3.64 per pack at Wags...

I knew there was a sale starting this week on Huggies, so I printed out all the Huggies coupons I could find. The best one being 2.50/1 Pure & Natural Huggies - but unfortunately, I couldn't find any of those at Wags. I don't even think they make the P&N diapers in a size 4. Oh well. I had a $5/3 Reach MQ from a free Weight Watchers magazine so that 2.03 overage helped bring my total down. Here's what I did...

8.99 Huggies (3)
1.79 Reach floss (3)
2.40 tax :(
34.74 subtotal
-2/1 Huggies IPQ available on (3)
-1/1 Huggies Children's coloring book Wags Q - took off $3
-2.40 in-ad Wags Q for Reach floss - makes them .99 each
-5.00/3 Reach - beeped, but cashier pushed through
18.34 total paid with Wags gcards
Received $5 RR for spending $25 in Huggies products
SUMMARY: $3.64 per pack of diapers, plus free floss (before tax)

If you don't have the $5/3 Reach Q, you can still get your diapers for 4.32 per pack- not bad at all!

The Wags deal is not as great as this 3.33 per pack Pampers deal going on at Target this week but I am not a fan of Pampers (more on that later) and it looks like the Pure and Natural diapers may be contained to sizes 1-3 only. Speaking of Pampers, I used the pack I got from Target a few weeks back during this Target baby deals run and the tabs kept ripping off when I tried to put the diapers on my daughter! So irritating. It seriously probably happened to at least 10 diapers in the package. I was irritated, so I emailed P&G corporate about it. I was inspired by Born 2 Save's post here - thanks for the reminder that it pays to speak up! I received a response to my email within a few days. They apologized for the problem and they are mailing out 4 $10/1 Pampers MQs! Wow! That is great customer service and I am happy to try Pampers out again. I am praying those coupons get here before the end of the week so I can combine them with the $5 Target giftcard deal for a moneymaker!

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