Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Safeway, Wags, Bookman's, & Target

I am loving Safeway today, even though those pesky eQs are so unpredictable. There is a fantastic Buy 4, Save $4 deal on select cereal, fruit snacks, & granola bars. If I *'d the item, that means it was a participating item. I am listing the individual prices before the $4 discount to show how it rings up on the receipt.

3.00 Fiber One bars* -.40/1 Fiber One MQ, -1.20 eQs = .20 overage
2.00 Fruit by the Foot & Gushers* -.50/2 Betty Crocker MQ, -1.00 eQs = FREE
2.00 BC fruit shapes (2)* -.40/1 BC IPQ (2), -.40 eQ = .20 overage each
2.50 Cinnamon Toast Crunch* (2) -1/1 Big G cereal IPQ (2), -.55 eQ= .45 each
2.00 Life cereal* -1/1 Life cereal MQ from inside Quaker oatmeal box=FREE
.99 BC potatoes -.35/1 BC potatoes MQ, -1.20 eQs = 1.20 overage
1.50 Lean pockets w/ in-ad Q 1.10 in eQs were supposed to come off :(
.19 tax
20.68 before Qs
12.68 after 2, $4 deductions
.33 paid on giftcard after Qs, received $2.50 OYNO = 2.17 profit!

There is a major money making deal at Wags this week, if you can find the elusive Aviva meters on sale for 9.99 this week. Pair those up with the free Aviva MQ 11/15 SS plus the 5/1 Aviva Wags Q from the Diabetes & You booklet for $5 overage. Make sure you have items to cover the overage because the registers won't go negative. I found 2 today and grabbed a $10 giftcard. I had to throw in a .33 caramel because the D&Y Wags Q rings up as a MQ for some reason- its not. I paid $2.12 on a giftcard and walked out with a $10 giftcard, so $7.88 profit. Now, if I can just find some more meters... Note- Do not buy the compact plus kind. Its been reported the D&Y Q beeps on that one.

My husband and I watched "The Prestige" on TV this weekend and remembered how much we love that movie. I was going to grab it at Target today for $12, but remembered Bookmans. I found a used copy (guaranteed to play with a 7 day return window) for $7! I didn't have any credit there, so I just paid cash, but still a great deal!

I stopped into Target today for some clearanced Gerber sleepers I saw last week. I didn't grab them last week because I wanted to use the Gerber $1/1 IPQ. I used that and paid $3.98 plus tax for 2 sleepers. Great deal!
I also had a great mail day today. I got 2 free magazines, a Free Q for Stacy's Pita chips (from becoming a fan on FB), a new Home Made Simple Q book, and a free calendar from Betty Crocker. I love when there are more freebies than bills in the mail. :)


  1. Gr8 Job!! Kim
    I am soo loving the SW deals as well, actually, I went back tonight to score some more Betty Crocker snacks, I had to buy in 4's so I did 3 seperate Transactions all free with a .50 MM. Darn I should post this LOL!!

    I so need to get out to Target here in Tucson, i'm soo busy with the Grocery store deals lately, I'm bypassing the Retail Stores.

    Still waiting for my Free Stacy's Q and the betty crocker calender, maybe mine will be here this week too. I received the Free international Delight Q today.

    Gotta love the Freebies especially when they come with Q's :)


  2. hmmm fruit snacks, now I am craving them! Weird huh? I need to make my plan of attack, but may not get there until this weekend or next week!

    Also are the gerber sleeper Qs on their website? I saw a few Qs there, but none seemed to apply to sleepers, however I didn't print them, so I am not sure the wording on them. I would love to pick up a few cheap sleepers!

  3. Thanks Eve! I bet your Stacy's Q will get there this week. I thought mine was lost forever, so I was glad to see it show up.

    KC- The Q I printed out says $1 off any one Sleep n Play or Gown. There is a picture of a 2 pack of sleepers right on the Q. This Q beeped for me, but it beeps on anything because its not coded correctly (according to SD). I didn't have any problem using it. Let me know how to goes for you - I saw some super cute boy sleepers on clearance as well. Good luck!

  4. Which eQ site where you using? Thanks!


  5. Hi Melissa! I use all the eQ sites on the right side of my blog. The main ones are cellfire and shortcuts. The Safeway eQs are relatively new and are the most unreliable, but when they work, it's great!

  6. Grrr... None of my eQ's came off today @ SW!!! Not one single one and I have had them on my card at least a week! What gives???

    Bright side - my $10 SW blog survey giftcard finally came... after I had gone to the store.

  7. Evers- I am so sorry! That same exact thing happened to me about a month ago. Sometimes there are glitches (of course when YOU are shopping) and none of them come off. If you contact cellfire and give them some information off your receipt, they'll send you a $5 giftcard. Whe that happened last time, I returned a bunch of stuff before leaving. I had a really bad run at SW last night - the BC fruit snacks cat didn't print for me in 3 different transactions. Not cool! I returned everything.

  8. I have a question for you purchase the gift cards from Walgreens with RR's? As well as gift cards from Safeway with catalinas? Thanks for all of your great posts!

  9. I'm working with Fiber One, and we're havign a yogurt sampling promotion in Westfield Trumbull at 5065 Main Street Trumbull, CT 06611 from 2/12/10 - 2/14/10 and Pentagon City Mall at 1100 S Hayes St Arlingon, VA 22202 from 2/19/10 - 2/21/10. You can also get 75 cents off with a print-out of a coupon that can be found here: http://www.fiberone/com/Product/yogurts.aspx. Blog and tweet about this promotion to your family and friends in the area, do not miss it!


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