Thursday, December 31, 2009

$9.01 money maker + 11 free boxes of crackers at Safeway!

I had 9 more 1/1 Nabisco MQs from the 11/8 SS and 2 1/1 Wheat Thins IPQs from becoming a Wheat Thins fan on Facebook. The MQs expire today (along with a ton of other Qs) so I grabbed some more free crackers that I will send in for a $10 rebate on. I wasn't paying attention, so I bought 11 boxes instead of 10- so the Cheese Nips were not $1 like they should have been. You have to buy in multiples of 5 to get the discount. Oh well, .99 for 11 boxes of crackers + $10 rebate is okay with me.

1.00 Wheat Thins (6) FREE
1.00 saltines (3) FREE
1.00 Better Cheddars FREE
1.99 Cheese Nips .99
No tax, so I paid .99 on a giftcard.

Happy New Year!

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