Friday, January 29, 2010

Target & Safeway

Well, the free Pampers at Target were a no go today. I realized the $10/1 Pampers Qs were actually for mega packs which are the boxes of diapers. I ditched the diapers deal and did this Lean Cuisine deal. I only had 4 $1/1 Lean Cuisine Target Qs, so I ended up paying $9.00 on a giftcard, instead of $5.00 as outlined by the Krazy Coupon Lady. I still think this was a great deal. Basically, each item cost $1. I dropped the 8 freezer meals and Skinny Cow ice cream off at my work freezer, so they are not pictured.
I needed some milk and had some eQs stacked up, so off to Safeway I went...
3.00 BC cookie mix -.40/1 MQ, -.80 eQs = 1.20
2.00 BC brownie mix -1.00 eQs = 1.00
2.50 Nestle chocolate chips -.50/1 MQ, -1.00 eQs = .50
2.29 PB toaster strudels (2) -.35/1 MQ (2), -1/2 MIT SWQ, -1.65 eQs = .04 overage each
2.19 milk (2) -.55/1 Real CA milk Q (2) = 1.19 each
16.46 subtotal before Qs
5.21 total after Qs - paid with $4 OYNO + 1.21 on giftcard
The MIT Safeway Q I referenced is from the "Make it Tonight" recipe/coupon booklet out at Safeway stores now. There are 3 pages full of Safeway coupons you can stack with MQs, so hurry and find one at your Safeway!

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